Finally, pornography that is not x-rated

No, am not talking about the one that I take part in
I mean the one on my TV.
I am talking Big Brother.
It is a shame (yea right) how these guys appear on my TV and start having sex at odd hours of the night
Meaning that I am being robbed of my pleasures of watching Girls of the Play boy Mansion- not that I am complaining, seeing as it is a change from looking at a disgusting grandpa touching little blonde Hos.

So while Meryl and kweku go at it like rabbits, offuneka is plotting her TV porn debut in the comfort of her bed
Those kisses she planted on code and kweku man are out of this world. It looked like she had been practicing it in her head for quite a while. There is no way those kisses could have been spontaneous.
It was kinda disgusting though. She looked like she was sucking the seeds out of a bad orange……ugh
And this was day time television, which reminded me to check on the age bar and it said 16 for language and nudity.

That is when I said to myself, big brother has no sense of humour. He sits behind that screen albeit grinning, while the rest of Africa is fooled into thinking that he has any morals.
Oh how I love him. Disguising porn as some harmless entertaining show. Now I do not have to wait and watch porn when the rest of the world is sleeping. I can always claim, I did not think it was. I love big brother.

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