Gym thingies

The other day the buttons on my shirt were fighting to explode off my chest, so I figured I had to do something about my ever expanding width. So i signed up to a gym. I know! A bit much right? why couldn't i just stop eating? here's what i found.

  • My Gym figured out a way to keep business going; there’s a Pastries shop right outside the gym. A friend of mine had this to say about that, Location, Location, Location.

  • Your 11 year old brother’s sneakers are not a good idea unless rotten feet are the new fad in town

  • That laughing should not be your standard reaction to when the instructor spreads your legs wide, whilst he is in a kneeling position between them

  • I should have shaved my armpits

  • I was going to shave that morning but then I remembered that I was going to wear a long sleeved shirt that day, so what’s the rush?

  • Trainer has bad breath

  • I suck at aerobics

  • My hips don’t lie

  • Going to the gym turns a previously humble person into a show off!. I mean here I am barely inside the gym doors and I am writing about it as if I am better than all those lazy un-fat people.
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