now the exodus

since this is my blog page, i am goin to write abt myself...

atleast in the meantime
u already know my beginning
now my exodus

unlike the israelites, my journey was not defined

and the destination, not just one place.

my parents' wrangles apparently extended way after my christening

and by the time i was six months, they had realised that just like me, their union was a mistake in the first place

mother packed up her bags one night, left her two daughters behind

and me and her set off to kampala-from kanungu

naguru is where i was staying blissfully until father realised he needed me afterall
and coaxed me into going back to kanungu with him
a place he claimed, where sweets grew on trees
at 4yrs, i went back to being a village belle over again in kanungu.
father got a teaching job 45km awayin kabale and it was time to continue the journey.

sullen faced, disapointed that the majic sweet bearing trees had withered,
i packed my bags wondering what my next expedition had in store for me.

one and a half years later, it was time to move. again. we moved mbarara where my father had gotten a job as a doctor. from the bus park, we pushed our life's belongings(a few saucepans, a gunny sack with our clothess in there, plastic plates, and a kettle) on one wheel barrow towards our next life.

in 1998, it was time to pack my bags again to come live with mother in kampala and that is where i have been ever since. i guess this is my promised land- for now any way.

genesis of me

first God said let there be me, and there i was
nothing like what my parents expected
my mom- a light skinned angel
my dad- a boy, didnt matter what clolour
that marked the beginning of the love hate relationship
i have enjoyed since
hate becuase i was nt wat they prayed for
love becuase, well you can not not fall in love with a baby
and then ofcourse there was the naming problem
since they had not bargained for what i came out looking
there was bound to be a dilema on what to call me
my mom wanted to name me emily-
my dad would have none of it
if i was nt a boy physically, atleast i had to sound it
besides, he argued, every emily he knew lisped and was afraid it would rub off on me by virtue of , yeah you guessed it. name.
so my dad came up with frankie
my mom threatened divorce
after a string of names, they decided to go the political way-round table
so they called my uncles, aunts, grand parents and the maids...
hence the birth of a name...
welcome to my blog
enjoy the ride....
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