What blues?

Everyone is always talking about Monday blues this, Monday blues that and I always wondered wat they felt like. Coz me, am an everyday girl. Especially Thursdays. But today I woke up and my wallet was gone. You would think the Monday blues would be coming on right then. But waa. All I could see was gray and black. Nothing blue about how my day was going. I could have given anything for the blues at that time.

Right when I was getting used to the fact that I will have no money for the rest of the year, I fix my flash disk in the computer and some fcuk face I had lent it to had deleted all of my documents. All of them. Now am seeing dark blue, dark black, blood and goth. Still nothing blue about my Monday. Why do they call them Monday blues any way? Anyone got an answer? Anyone?

What a bummer my day is turning out to be and its only 11:00am.

I am suing the Serena Hotel

So they have rumps for the disabled, elevators for the lazy, and TV for loungers, but cannot provide a simple thing for short people? What would happen if God forbid Sara short were to perform there? Huh? Huh?

While am still suing people, I just may sue KCC or Central govt or whatever, coz since before CHOGM, I noticed that they brought the pavements closer to my face. Why couldn’t they just leave well alone when the ground was just miles away from my face. Am not short sighted. Am just short.

So why am I suing the Serena? Recently, I went there for God knows what, I cant be bothered to remember. So being a ranked hotel, (you know like 1star, 2star, only it is there abouts of 5star) it has revolving doors, that also happen to be sensor doors. So I am already running late, I stand in front of one of these fancy doors. And the damn doors refuse to open. So I turn around to try and get help, and there, grinning like a fool, was the bell boy or whatever they call them outside Hollywood. He came over, raised his arm from behind me and the damn doors slid open. Turns out, am too short for the door sensors.

I may sue. I may not. Or I may just sue my mom

Help! There’s a blonde on my radio

So we know Seanice left very large shoes to fill, but surely, sanyu fm could have come up with a size ten woman to take over the breakfast show. Instead, we got served Melanie. A blonde with just the wrong shade of hair and color. She tries so hard to sound intelligent everyday, and everyday, she fails to pull it off. That is how she ends up getting into arguments she has no clue about. Hence her arguments always sound like, “If it’s not a girl it’s a boy. I can’t see it being anything else...”

Only yesterday, her co-presenter fatboy was analyzing a certain political figure and how he does not seem to give explanations for his actions. “…instead, he always goes on the defensive” concluded fatboy. To which Melanie replied “yea, and that could be dangerous for him. He should instead try to be on the offensive. ” I switched off the radio and looked through the window at the grass fly in every direction as it was mowed. Atleast the grass had an opinion.

Boss from hell

Usually, I like my editor. She is kinda nice and every so often accommodating, even if quite frankly, I give her a hard time. But not on this day. She wasn’t. She started off well, inviting a friend and I (I hate that speak. Why can’t I just say ‘me and my friend’?) for a cocktail party of some clothes shop in town. So am all excited to go, when I remember that this was the same day of the blogger’s get together. And I did not want to miss that. And wait wasn’t she a blogger too?

But the boss is boss. So we left, with her in tow. What she forgot to tell me was that it was a black and white party. I was wearing blue denims (I could just say jeans could I not?) and brown something. On second inspection though, I realized she could not have known judging from the all pink outfit she had on. After givin instructions and making sure I understood what kind of story she wanted, she told me she was off to the blogger’s get together!

I do not like my boss so much right now.
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