the perfect diet

So at the big brother profile, when they say Big Brother III is back, what exactly do they mean? Have they shown this particular season before? When? When did it air? Had it like gotten cancelled and now it is back on air? It is all very confusing. Would be glad to get any kind of clarification on this matter anyone. About the diet;

I am fat. I have cellulite, and when I sit, my stomach folds into four ribbon like shapes. Naturally, I battle the weight. So sometimes I will eat two slices of cake, instead of five, will drop a few crystals off of the spoon just before I dip all 5 of them in my cup of tea, I will slice the crust off the 6 slices of bread just so I can feel good about eating less. Not to mention that I will insist that my meat be lean everyday when it is served on my plate at lunch, and at dinner. I will even throw in two push-ups atleast once a week. I cannot afford to take chances. I am a health nut like that.

So I am always on the look out for diet plans and regimens that I can follow. Once I discovered the cabbage soup diet, where you are supposed to eat cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch dinner and repeat for days on end. The carrot diet where you eat one huge carrot for breakfast, eat half a carrot for dinner and just sniff it at breakfast. There was the water diet where you drink water all day and all night for Lord knows how many days. Needless to say, I have tried all of these for all of like 3hours (total), and they have not done anything for me.

And these diet plans are all so depressing. How nice it would be to land on a diet that says, “lose 10kg on a diet of cake and ice cream” or “get amazing abs in two weeks of just sitting on the couch watching TV.” Or “the new whole milk with cream that is guaranteed to suck the cellulite out of your hands” How come I cannot lose weight in a fun way like that? I have been in despair for a long time over this, which is why I am excited to share with you this new magic bullet fun diet I have discovered...

I am signing up.

Obama. Lets not get carried away

2016, a tired Obama is seated at his desk in the oval office right behind the naval seal with a satisfied smile on his face, ready to hand over power. Maybe even to Chelsea Clinton. Yes. He has done it. Become the first black president of the free world. He looks around and tries to take it all in. He looks at the door and remembers way back in 2008 when he had first walked through it, and how nervous he was. Yes, he has come a long way. If only he can keep his eyes tightly shut, him and a million other people out there really, the dream will not go away. Because right now, all anyone can do is dream.

Here is the reality. After a drawn out contest, a first if its kind on whatever front you look at it- in one corner, a female presidential candidate and in the other blue corner, a black candidate- Obama came out victorious as the front runner for the U.S presidency on the democratic party ticket. The fat lady had finally sung, and what a tune she had belted out!

The morning after he won the democratic nomination, he was all everyone was talking about. From local TV and FM stations, the taxi driver chatting enthusiastically to his conductor, the leading dailies, and even talk among women who are normally far removed from the political surroundings (although to be fair they were discussing his looks). The Obama drug was taking effect. It was as if the prices of fuel, food and the northern war peace treaty (or lack thereof) no longer seemed to matter. Ugandans had embraced Obama.

This is worrying on so many fronts. One that we almost seem more enthusiastic about it than our neighbors in Kenya and he is afterall their cousin. Kind of like that woman who howls, wails and threatens to kill herself at the death of her stepchild when the child’s mother is weeping quietly in a corner. Two, that Obama’s election will not change the situation here. Honest, those potholes will remain. Three, that Zimbabwe is still being led by a tyrant, Ugandans have not won any gold medals at the olympics, there is a crisis in Darfur, and yet we channel our energies in the Obama campaign. Four that he is still only just a candidate.

All that enthusiasm is not going to pay off in the end. I hate to disappoint all of you enthusiasts, but your opinion as Ugandans matters only so much. Reminds me of the last US presidential elections, how a certain tabloid here ran an editorial on Election Day that read, “Here at (insert tabloid name) we support John Kerry.” I bet John Kerry wrote them a letter later thanking them for their support. I bet he didn’t.

Right now, the best thing he has going for him is that he is an underdog in this contest and people love a good David conquers Goliath story. That could get him elected. But only just.

So while we hold our breaths, let us not look at him as our salvation. If (yes, if) elected, he will probably stay as far away from Africa as possible just so he is not accused of being partisan. Lets face it. He is just another politician, whose biggest agenda right now is to be in the books of history. Let us not get ahead of ourselves now.

Have a beautiful weekend

My name's antipop and i am back

I have been gone for a week or so, doing mainly nothing. I am well aware that no one's asked where i have been, or ashed me to return, or even said they missed me, but i have come back anyway, and i will have you know that i did miss you regardless. anyway, here are the BHH photos that i did promise if you are still interested.

who went and abandoned this beautiful lady?

that's right. Her Chips and chicken buddy did

"wamma check. has my wonder bra achieved desired results in this?"

without those oh so white teeth and the fingernails and maybe the watch, B2B would have disapeared in the darkness. He seems to be shielding Chanel from the prying eyes of our cameras. I wonder from what. You guys wanna get a room for that sort of behavior?

antipop being antisocial. so you have a mobile phone. so what? mingle around and say something to that guy standing next to you already. Wait. He seems to be ignoring you as well. In that case, text away.

Jared, a newbie, posing for our snoops as dee reaches for her water, albeit wondering how to get the newbie's phone number.not that she is in the business of collecting phone numbers or anything

bloggers having a moment

hi. i iz roko artis(sue me) and thiz iz my queen dancers beaches and peaches

with a name like 'the dare devil' you can only imagine that that smile is just for the Kodak moment.

channel taking it upon herself to record the moments at BHH

me, taking it upon myself to record her butt, legs and those red heels that the fashion expert called 'killer red pumps'

"There. i have managed to get it all out! And boy oh boy is it thick." Dee seems to be telling Ivan as she removes a lump of wax from his ear


Have i reached Hot 100? I would like to send my shoutz to
Mowzey Radio, Weasel, Straka, Tindatiine, Recheal K, Abdu Mulasi, Vagina Monologues, Recheal K, Olanya, Dream Girls, AGOA, Ken Lukaymuzi the man, the Black Mamba's and Chanelno5

Trax for you

Noah- Aishakeez
I miss the dragon- Sisqo
My Heart Will Go On- cindlione

i believe i can fly

I can not ride a bicycle. Not even when it is stationary(and i have tried that too believe me).i have no idea how to go about steering a car to move from one place to the next. Can't even tell which pedal does what. But, but, yesterday, I rode a plane! or piloted it or whatever it is they call it these days. Yes you heard me. I actually held the control panels, steered left to right, to center, dived down and shot up, all in 30 seconds. Now you would think that after all this speech i would be ecstatic. Hardly. If i had one word to describe the experience, that word would be, nauseating.
I am afraid of heights

Self censorship tip* refrain from using the words show off and braggart in comments. believe me, I already know.

blogger hogger

blogger has played me. eaten up my comments.i am angry.

My first movie date

It was not at Cineplex. Or an equivalent. But it was memorable.

I was 12 and my breasts had just began to sprout (the way they look now you would think that they are still in the process of germination, but apparently, this is all the growth there will ever be. I need to have them done one of these days). Sorry, back to the date.
So my breasts were just budding, my hormones were working over drive and there was this boy Christopher.

Christopher or Trevor- you were not cool then unless you had a super cool self-baptized name. I went by Snoop Doggy Doggy (Rocco. You don’t have to tell me) myself- Sorry I keep wondering. Anyway, Trevor was hot. And I was the envy of my classmates. You see, Trevor was in S.3 and I was in P.7, so I was like all that. What I did not tell my classmates is that Trevor was my sister’s boyfriend, but he liked to hang around me when my sister was away at boarding school. So anyway, one day, Trevor asked to take me for a movie.

My dad was out of town on Lord knows what parents go to do upcountry during school, but he was out of town and this was the happiest time of our life my siblings and I. We got up to all kinds of mischief. So when Trevor asked to take me for a movie, on a school night, I could not have been happier. I rushed home after school, showered (I hated bathing then, mind) got out my lacy dress and set out to meet Trevor. It was just a little after 8pm and my elder sister was not amused, but I would be damned if I listened to her.

The movie we were scheduled to watch was starting at 10pm so we waited a little outside the showing place. I call it showing place because I cannot describe it. The seats were some dirty benches, the TV and deck hoisted up on two tables stacked together. The crowd, a filthy lot, me, the only girl. Meanwhile Trevor and I waited outside for our scheduled movie to begin. For the life of me, I do not know what we talked about for over an hour, but we did have some conversation.

We sit for our movie. The first images that flash on screen are of a woman in a bikini, vigorously washing the bonnet of a car, this dude from nearby garage coming over and dropping his overalls and bending over said woman…

I got back home about 11:30 (Yes. Such movies tend to run for short lengths) still reeling from what I had seen. Waiting for me with a facial expression I never want to see on another person ever, was my dad, facing the entrance, a belt in his hand. Wtf? *&^(()&$*! This dude was scheduled to return two days later! Short story. He beat me black and blue. I wonder what he would have done had he known what exactly I had been getting up to.

Anyway, the next day he sat me down and asked, “antipop, are you really a virgin?”

BHH; The report

First off, we went to virgin ground. Effendy’s. We missed all of you that could not make it, but you understand, the party had to go on.

Antipop, came, saw, and left

Duksey. Always the latecomer. So anyway, she showed up for about 3 minutes. Sources say that she later ran off to hang in silk lounge where there was a clown show of sorts.

Ivan; I have never heard anyone whine so much about being in a new place. He counted off many things that he hated about the new place to anyone who cared to listen (clearly not me, coz I can not even remember one). But by the end of the evening, he was singing a whole new song. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Antipop, I think i like this place better!” in my head I changed that sentence to, “antipop, I was wrong. I hope one day you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me for all the bitching I did earlier. I do not know better. Maybe I should always keep my mouth shut”

chanel; She was hot. She was rocking some hot red heels. Came with a hot chic she says was a well-wisher. Kept to herself most of the time, studying the atmosphere. I am sure she has tales about what each of us got up to when we thought no one was watching.

Edmo aka Basics aka Mr. back to basics; He caused a stir when he first walked in with a beautiful lady (or woman) in tow. Everyone threw this question at him “is that the Mrs.?” to which he replied, “Heck fucking no! The Mrs. is too good for y’all.” Okay, he did not say that. Said something like the Mrs. is for his eyes only and ended that conversation like that. Anyway, he was killing some dope (he likes to say) black vest. Hmm hmm hmm. I spent most of the evening chasing him around the table for a Kodak moment. He won. I never got any pictures of him.

Rev. Of the Space fame. As I suspected, he got love from the girls all too eager to fill the void created by Space (his cat). I would not be left out, so we swapped an awesome hug and oba I threw him a mercy word? Can’t quite remember. His dreads were in check this time round. All neatly tucked into a huge white cap. He disappeared for like 5 minutes and when he returned, the dreads were everywhere. Anything you want to tell us Rev?

Dee; this sweet, sweet (not that I know for a fact or anything) girl kept us in check, tried to mingle with everybody, even chatted a bit with the newbies, and a lot with Ivan and Edmund. It was obvious she was missing someone. Oh yea. And she confronted me with evidence that she had uncovered my secret identity! I trembled for a bit until she told me what it was, so I calmed down very confident that no one had yet discovered my other life as a loser hugger.

The dare devil; she was teased a lot about how she could have possibly deleted her former blog by accident. Everybody had wild theories. She finally admitted to me later that it was the aliens that done it.

Cb. was there. Came with an entourage. A white guy he introduced as his secretary, and two other guys that were carrying his equipment. Okay maybe I lie. Anyway, they looked like bloggers on a mission. Turns out they were writing a story or other about bloggers and Cb took pics. My plea is that he gets consent from each one of us before he sends the pics to Time or Newyork Times or something.

Princess. She was her usual royal quiet, albeit cooking up an awesome post or other. She left early to attend to some urgent personal business. Me thinks it is something to do with love. She had the look…

Foxylamb. This one I nominate for miss photogenic. I attempted to take pictures on my phone and out of everyone, she is the only one that managed to look as if(get out of my head Tandra) human. No. It is not my phone. But these bloggers looked really shoddy. Oh, and she ate chips and chicken. With Edmund.

i may, or may not put pictures up later.
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