genesis of me

first God said let there be me, and there i was
nothing like what my parents expected
my mom- a light skinned angel
my dad- a boy, didnt matter what clolour
that marked the beginning of the love hate relationship
i have enjoyed since
hate becuase i was nt wat they prayed for
love becuase, well you can not not fall in love with a baby
and then ofcourse there was the naming problem
since they had not bargained for what i came out looking
there was bound to be a dilema on what to call me
my mom wanted to name me emily-
my dad would have none of it
if i was nt a boy physically, atleast i had to sound it
besides, he argued, every emily he knew lisped and was afraid it would rub off on me by virtue of , yeah you guessed it. name.
so my dad came up with frankie
my mom threatened divorce
after a string of names, they decided to go the political way-round table
so they called my uncles, aunts, grand parents and the maids...
hence the birth of a name...
welcome to my blog
enjoy the ride....

1 loungers burdening me:

Den said...

ok what u didnt tell specifically is how many year ago (sincerly) did this take place???
forget what you've put in your profile, i insist on the truth and only the truth ......

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