Picking your nose in public

Everyone gets the urge to pick their noses every so often, but this is no excuse to stick your finger deep in your nose and pluck out the clotted snot when people are watching. It is as disgusting as they get. i can assure you, there aint no gold in there, so stop digging.

Patricia, a girl I went to high school with lived for disgusting all of us. After extracting the snot from her nose, she went on to snack on it. Suffice it to say that no one ever accepted any eats from her-not even if you were starving to death. The other day, I saw Patrick; a friend I had not seen in a while was coming towards me. I walked faster, all smiles, eager to meet and catch up with everything I had missed. And just then, he did the unforgivable. He started picking his nose. When I reached him, I ignored the outstretched hand and gave him a huge hug that surprised both of us.

And then there was the school cook. It was either a personal vendetta against me, or the guy was just outright creepy. It seemed to me like every time I went to the kitchen, (do not ask what I was doing in that part of school) he would be picking his nose at the same time mingling the posho I was to eat that day. But since I could not go hungry for ever, I consoled myself that the heat had killed all the germs, said a prayer for my soul- since no amount of prayer could redeem that food- and ate.

this one time at…well I can go on and on about disgusting pick your nose in public stories, but that is not the point here A decent handkerchief goes for about shs500, so the next time that overwhelming urge to pick your nose in public hits, do us all a favour and use that handkerchief. That is what they were made for.

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antipop said...

well... i am leaving this my self

Anonymous said...

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