Gym thingies

The other day the buttons on my shirt were fighting to explode off my chest, so I figured I had to do something about my ever expanding width. So i signed up to a gym. I know! A bit much right? why couldn't i just stop eating? here's what i found.

  • My Gym figured out a way to keep business going; there’s a Pastries shop right outside the gym. A friend of mine had this to say about that, Location, Location, Location.

  • Your 11 year old brother’s sneakers are not a good idea unless rotten feet are the new fad in town

  • That laughing should not be your standard reaction to when the instructor spreads your legs wide, whilst he is in a kneeling position between them

  • I should have shaved my armpits

  • I was going to shave that morning but then I remembered that I was going to wear a long sleeved shirt that day, so what’s the rush?

  • Trainer has bad breath

  • I suck at aerobics

  • My hips don’t lie

  • Going to the gym turns a previously humble person into a show off!. I mean here I am barely inside the gym doors and I am writing about it as if I am better than all those lazy un-fat people.

19 loungers burdening me:

Ashy said...

Like you never left... :-)

Ugandan girl said...

and where have you been...?!!!

Payo said...

You know you've been gone too long if a deserter like Ugandan Girl notices! Kulikayo.
The perv in me is liking bullet 3.

jny23 said...

Tell me i had something to do with all this?

Trust yu to laugh when gym instructor did his thing between yo legs.

Anonymous said...

Instructor having bad breath and kneeling between your thighs equals very very bad sexaerobics. Welcome back.

petesmama said...

Lol. So the gym is where you have been hiding. At least your buttons are popping on the bust - that is way sexier than having them pop at the belly.

Yes, you should have shaved those armpits.

Happy gyming.

Princess said...

Also you don't over-go next time.

And co-sign Ashy. :))

Sleek said...

set the buttons free

Sybella said...

i co-sign sleek...

so the instructor was trying to get between your legs, i wonder what mister has to say about all this!

Anonymous said...

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Baz said...

You have hair in your armpits?

Basiks said...

Co-signing with Ashy,
Co-signing with Jny23

there is absolutely nada wrong with your bust popping out!

Wait, i meant your bust buttons

I think i know that gym instructor!

The 27th Comrade said...

Walaai, don't go to the gym. I think you're better rounder. But then, I don't call the shots over there. :oD
Now, see this. It is where I stay these days.

L.A. said...

second last bullet: neither do mine.

lulu said...


Tricia said...

Funny instructor, he has an agenda lol

savvy said...

That instructor tickled you?

ujo said...

Hehehehe! Instructor has bad breath Lol! What doesn't kill you will make you stronger :)

Ascah said...

Funny instructor, he has an agenda and plan lol

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