lists are in these days, so i kind of thought it would be cool to have one of my own. listing the things that people fuss over.

Roses. they wither. they are thorny. and lets be honest, they dont smell nice. except that one time i sprayed my valentine's day flower with perfume.

Pizza- the crust is tasteless. it is rough. i know that curtesy of the bruises on the roof of my mouth everytime i eat pizza. and it does not taste that good either. plus, none of the diet schedules i have read( as if)say yes to pizza.(okay maybe this is bordering on anorexia)

Juno- he recommended it. she swore it was the coolest thing ever. i lost sleep over the fact that none of my movie friends had a copy to share. until i bought it. it is just another movie.

Black forest- cake. i love cake. and some of my friends know this. one day one of them brought over what she described as pastry heaven. i was not impressed. no gerry, black forest is not the best cake kown to man.

Getting hammered. let me count the ways. there is the purging, the staggering, the loss of self control, the bad breath, then the oh so glorious morning after. getting drunk does not take you to cloud nine i have discovered.

Coffee dates-pretentious.

Bakiga strength- i got my ass kicked all the time by the tiniest kids in school. once i went out to prove my mukiga prowess, even got a couple of kids to chant my tribe to intimidate the opposition. i have a nasty scar on my back to prove that bakiga are mortals. weak mortals.

Peep toes- they hurt my feet.

Virginity- i would have thought HE would bring out the champagne to toast to the virginity popping ceremony. he didnt. he just stunk of beer. and the following day, i was limping. and the day after, i was back to normal. no crowds on the street chanting and throwing stones at me. life was good again.

Obama. so he is black. him and millions other people. he is a politician. him and odonga otto. he has a vision for change. him and besigye both. whats the fuss?

Toblerone- it costs 5 times my usual cadbury's crunch chocolate. my cadbury's tastes 5 times better.

33 loungers burdening me:

tumwijuke said...

Roses - I agree

Pizza - There is no way you can call the horror served in many Ugandan restaurants real pizza. When you eat the real thing, you will know.

Juno - How dare you? What I need is an hour with you. Just one hour of ...

... black forest cake - made by me. Again, not the soggy, super sweet, fat-laden kind sold at Nandos and Rwenzori Coffee.

Getting hammered - I agree

Coffee dates - no one has asked you out on one yet? Poor baby. You are just venting.

Bakiga strength - What is a Bakiga?

Peep toes - I think you jut have fat toes :-D

Virginity - No way it is overrated. Your mentioning it just cements how much it is still 'in'.

Obama - If he was an African leader, I'd have something to say. But to compare him to Mr. I'll Keep My Sunglasses On In A Dingy Parliamentary Committee Room Odonga Otto is an insult Obama.

Toblerone - I think you mean Cadburys, but perhaps there is a new brand out there ;-)

tumwijuke said...

That was 'just' not 'jut'.

31337 said...

roses, i love their subtle scent.

pizza, i love me some hawaaian with extra cheese and extra ham.

juno, still have to check it out.

black forest, heaven.

hammered, no idea, teetotaller.

coffee dates, chat opportunity.

bakiga what? <-- nini hii?

peep toes? elaborate.

virginity, you should have kept it.

obama, you know!

toblerone, legal ecstasy, especially the whites....

petesmama said...
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hazel eyes said...
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Carlo said...

Roses: thought I was the only one who couldn't smell roses, don't know what they smell like. I can smell lillies though.

Pizza: seriously, I'm with Tumwi. Go to outside countries and you'll know what real pizza is. The crust is even stuffed with cheese! Mmmmmmm . . .

Juno: it WAS A GREAT MOVIE!!! maybe not as much as everyone said but it was watchable.

Black forest: I don't get it. It's too soggy. The best cake ever is found in Groenkloof Spar (just as you get into Pretoria from the airport) and is called caramel fudge cake.

Getting hammered: no comment.

Coffee dates: you ARE just venting cuz you don't know. he he he

Bakiga strength: I got whooped by some Bakiga bullies in school so don't even go there.

Peep toes: you just have to have cute toes like mine. :d

Virginity: keeping it is what it's all about, losing it is always unglamorous.

Obama: no comment.

Toblerone: child, how about you try Lindt?

Carlo said...

P.S. I thought you might enjoy this link:


petesmama said...

I've lolled this list! Taste, smell and perceptions - like beauty - are in the faculties of the consumer.

Allergic to pollen; don't appreciate being given dying flowers. But when a certain someone gives me a rose it is kept till it withers to nothingness!

Pizza and black forest cake made properly are good. Never watched Juno - I'm saving my 2008 movie virginity for Indiana Jones. The other virginity is defunct and will continue to be.

Teetotaller, so no idea about getting hammered. What I cannot understand is how guys love to meet and talk only about how hammered they got last night! BORING!!!

Bakiga et al - no tribe has a monopoly on good or bad habits. We're all cocktails or heading there anyway.

Peep toes? What is that? Me and Mine have this game we play which involves toes... but surely not in public!

Chocolate is generally nice. So I judge by how fast it melts on my body. Don't ask.

Mubaraka Hussein Obama-mania? I'll care when he starts paying my rent. And it's

hazel eyes said...

Roses smell. Like nothing.

Pizza, woman you have been going to the wrong stalls,

Juno this kid is kidding me. Its like one of the best movies of all time I am telling you. Every young girl should watch it. Original ma friend. Tumwijuke pleeeeeeaase help us with this one she just insulted all genuine movie lovers and original ideas.

Black Forest. Ma mama fed me on too much cake I really don’t care what flavour they come in. I lost my sweet tooth

Hammered: Only gets you knocked up.

Coffee dates: The pretence its like going for a chips date or a Lumbe date. That’s restaurant in town by the way if you are laughing. You just sit there and pretend to sip on the bitter espresso.

Bakiga. Even I can beat the living day lights out of you.

Peep toes, she definately has them toes BIG. Why is she in love with Ol'skools you think?

Virginity, Wish I was still sitting on it.

Obama. Give us a break people, have you heard him mention Africa or Uganda for that matter in his speeches? He is American his black ass notwithstanding,

Toblerone, Whites ones first cclass ticket to ecstasy. They are orgasmic I am tellin u.

Tandra said...

hmmm.....(thinks up own list))

tres jolie said...

I actually do miss you! Yet it was only one meeting and you didnt go away limping.

Black forest....we enjoyed that
Coffee? I thought we had that too before we held hands and crossed the road

Pizza...I agree with you, no matter where you have it! Tasteless flour!

Chocolates...only when am moody and then any kind goes.

Obama, cool as my president...

Bakiga...I know only you

Virginity? the front or the back?

peep toes....hurt my toes too.

The 27th Comrade said...

I've enjoyed the post whole loads, and I agree on Cadbury's. But I'll not smudge it. :o) Nicest Antipop post ever.

baz said...

Coffee dates? Well, there is no loud music so you can actually hear what the guy is saying and know whether you want to lose your virginity to this guy or not. Plus there is Black Forest in coffeeshops. I hear the one of Sheraton is the best.

Oh, and Juno rules the world.

Anonymous said...

So really this Carol chic is actually giving us directions in South Africa to go buy a particular flavour of cake? Ok we go it the first time, its embarassing when you rub it in. Take a hint from Tumwi and spare us the show off.

sybella said...

kwonka antipop, torarya ebitakuri ne bihimba nka bakiga benyini... ningira norya chips ne enkonko nka bazungu... nikyo toyine amanyi ga bakiga... kwonka ninkukunda...

sybella said...

buza iwaya na tumwijuke, ni babimanya...

Anonymous said...

Lol Tumwi...

Now it my turn...

ROSES: Once someone bought me a bouquet in the middle of London and I made him walk with them all the way.

PIZZA: Nah, I'm more of a steak girl.

JUNO: Twas good. Better than No country for old men.

BLACK FOREST: Girl, u need to try Cheesecake from Temptations at the Sheraton.

GETTIGN HAMMERED: It's not funny when u wonder how u got home. It's not funnier when u get to bed and suddenly yo room does a spin and u find yourself holding onto yo pillow for dear life.

COFFEE DATES: They are the best. Less music, no toxicants.

BAKIGA STRENGTH: I see someone has been trying out "new things"

PEEP TOES: They are hot, if u have the toes to go with them.

VIRGINITY: Tell'em madame!!! It wont buy u a house.

OBAMA: First African American President. That is where the rating lies.

TOBLERONE: Chic, are u serious? Have u tried Toblerone white? U better.

My two cents are done.

Miss Cheri

nahjaj said...

Roses stink for real.

Pizza makes me sick.

Juno... ?

Black forest... nope... RED VELVET!

Getting hammered is not my thing.

Coffee dates... I want one.

Bakiga... dont know what this is.

Peep toes, they do HURT!!!

Virginity... hmmmmm... holding on to it for awhile longer :-D

Obama... prefer him over every other candidate... and NOT because he's black. the others just annoy me.

Toblerone... wat can i say. I LOVE IT!!!

nahjaj said...
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antipop said...

@tumwi, you may b right about the fat toes thingy. i had never quite looke at it like that

@3317, bakiga is a people. a tribe.

@petesmama and hazel eyes, those were yo comments that got deleted. was trying to get to know blogger better and deleted them by mistake. you will c that they were restored below

@carlo, the idea is keeping the virginity then? why didnt anyone tell me? i was in such a rush to lose it...

@petesmama, no.not the sex game you play wit pete's daddy. the shoes.

@hazel...dont let yo mouth b signing cheques yo ass cant cash my friend...i say i can wallop yo ass...

@tesjollie, we did enjoy the black forest...only coz of ypur conversation.

@27th, why thank you comrade

@baz...not juno again...

@anonymous...dont be harsh on carlo. was prolly just a joke or sth.

@sybella, you rock!!!! that was original...

@cheri, coffee=caffeine=toxicants.

@nahjaj, carlo says the idea is to keep it, so i guess you should hang on to the virginity. and see where it gets you.

Carlo said...

Naye anon! Saagala, saagala, saagala nugu. EYO NUGU!!

If that isn't rubbing it in your face I don't know what is.
Sorry Antipop. :-D

Phoebe said...

Pizza... now, that is the one thing u should fly over for or and ice cream-(Mama Mia needs to close. for slander).

Junno; seriously?! Seriously?! chic pliz.

Obama; totally agree with you.

Coffee dates; why spend money on the one thing I can make at home.

ps. lv ur list-

Anonymous said...

Antipop for President.
So surprised yo not a virgin.

Phoenix said...

yes, yes yes; they should make a 'say no to roses campaign'. You must be mistaken about pizza unless you are talking about home made one [and not the one the rest of the country eats]
I will stand by you on the blackforest and getting hammered. I have bnever put on peep toes but I'm sure you r right.
Virginity; i had no expectations but you are still right.
Obama who?
Toblerone hmmmm half half.
I loved this post

leos child said...

glad we are many who dont really like roses what happened to giving sunflowers or carnations oba lilies.
Obama my dream for president come true ok not really but truly much better than monica lewinskys ex boyfriends wife.
juno simply brilliant my movie of the month
chocolates a divine intervention to everything bad.
coffee dates-am addicted to cafe pap.

Be silent said...

Roses: Hmmm I just love looking at them

Pizza: Carlo and Tumwi are right tried one in Rome and Wow

Juno: Never watched it

Black Forrest: Not sure I don’t like cake that much

Hammered: I am with you I remember those days wheni would down a bottle of Uncle Jack, the mornings would not be so good

Coffee Dates: Mocha tastes better when you are at such a date

Bakiga Strength: Never experienced their strength but their words….

Peep Toes: Mine become big after a while

Virginity: Ask Mary mother of Jesus

Obama: He is just black

Toblerone: oh my God are you sure about your statement?

anonymous gal said...

u are killin me. so basically evri thin is overated

Anonymous said...

Carol really really why dont you just give us directions to mars from were we are sitting So really who will go to South Africa looking for cake? And in this day and age when going to those of outside countries is like taking a bus to Kabulasoke, south africa is the last place to have nugu over. I hear there is a place in pretoria..... Some people still have that little kid screaming out loud that seeeeeeeee my mummy bought me a new pantie Woman get a life

Virgins' advocate said...

Sex 2 is overhyped:

2-3hrs ok a whole 9t of upNdwn movn'ts.

Which is all over inside 1min for some guys.

Then u all get sweaty, start panting like a dog...all out of breath etc

Then someone starts thinkin that they own u.

you dont rply their txt then they sulk.

Then u have all the security organs rangin frm e PGB-CIA (read the mate's pals) lookin out 4 u.

u've to give a full day's recap in case he/she didnt c u the entire day.

Certainly he/she hates all yo guys/gals but pretends to like them
And let him/her dare call n u dont ans at worst switch him/her off...

Virginity wont buy me a hse but at the end of the month it wont get me worryin if ive missed them or if she has missed them...

All that bse of sex......???????

dante said...

er... talk about issues


Phoebe said...

@ virginsadvocate..
... OWAYE!!! like dante says, those are up there are deep issues ur having myfriend.

whatever happened to sex? u know, sex?

Not he owns later, u owe her, oops i missed my period?!

Anonymous said...

Great List!

DeTamble said...

@31337: You're a teetotaller? WTF!! Are you lying!?
@Petesmama: You won't like Australians much then. Getting together and talking about how wasted we got is practically all we do.

Roses - Have the most beautiful scent. For those lucky ones who can smell it. The rest of you are LOSERS!!!

Pizza - I used to be able to finish the biggest one by myself. Now I'm lucky if I can eat three slices. Pizza is whateva.

Juno - Is AWESOME! You ignorant swine!

Black Forest Cake - I don't like any cake much.

Getting Hammered - Oh Yeah Baby!! Bring It On!!!! I can't dance but I can get drunk like a pro!

Coffee Dates - You just haven't been on one with the right person/people.

Bakiga Strength - I used to beat the bigger kids up. Boys 5 years older than me were scared. One particular one still has the scars on his cheeks. Sucker.

Peep Toes - Hmmm. Not really my thing.

Virginity - Can't remember having it.

Obama - Is cooler than any other candidates but is still American.

Toblerone - Never had one.

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