Pr. Sempa Vs Redpepper; The court case

The facts

That Pr. Sempa took Redpepper to court advocating for court to ban publication of said newspaper citing pornographic content that entices people into crime and immorality when they read it.
That Pr. Sempa had two kids out of wedlock before he married his current wife
That Redpepper is an awesome newspaper which I read from cover to cover every day.

Here below are the court proceedings

Red Pepper Lawyers
: Mr. Sempa, can you honestly say that when you read the Redpepper your morals are degenerated and in fact you are enticed into wrongdoing?
Pr. Sempa: Yes. It is especially responsible for degenerating morals amongst the youths.
Red Pepper: Tell us Mr. Sempa, is Redpepper the only newspaper you read?
Pr. Sempa: No. I also read The monitor, New vision, Bukkedde and The Observer
Redpepper lawyer whips out a copy of Monitor with headline “
Ministers embezzle millions”
Tell us, does this headline make you want to steal money?
Pr. Sempa: No
Lawyer whips out Bukkedde with headline “
Does this headline make you want to commit murder?
Pr Sempa: No
New vision here has a headline that says
"Car theft on the rise"
Tell the court Pastor, does this make you want to steal Vehicles?
Pr Sempa: No
Lawyer shows him a copy of Redpepper that reads,
“Sexpest invades Kampala”
Lawyer: so this makes you want to go out and have sex?
Pr Sempa: Yes

Oh, Okay. But tell us the Pastor; were you a virgin when you married your present wife? Did you not in fact father two children with two different women before marriage? Could it therefore be that You are the one with the problem Pastor?

And like that, Redpepper still lives among us

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normzo said...


normzo said...

Just like sempa, me to when i read such Headlines "sexpest invades kampala"

I wanna have sex....i go out and start 'looking' for sex.

somebody save me from those headlines.


The Edge said...

Sexpest Invades Comments Section Of Blog. Promises To Invade More At A Later Date... does THAT give anyone ideas?

jny23 said...

Antipop, Who is a Sexpest? (asked with a child's innocence)

Baz said...

Sempa should be silenced for the same reason Red Pepper should be silenced. Not because of what they say about sex.

But because they are just stupid.

Yes. Stupidity should not be protected under freedom of speech.

Chanel said...

ahem. its not enough to say that woman is mad

B2B said...

How is your Auntie doing AuntiePop?
the one you were tripping with!

and yeah, how are you?
like the facts up there...

yz said...

what is a sexpest? google doesn't know...

Rented said...

Way I see it this guy gets horny everytime he reads the pepper but doesn't get any from his wife. Nigga has to put the blame on someone

31337 said...

damn! i went and opened red pepper online. i repeat. damn! pure comedy! i notice that my computer no longer warns me that it is a HARMFUL site so it must be cleaner now, right? it does have a nice new look too!

gayuganda said...


Have just stopped laughing. Kind of good for the soul, I must say.

Hypocrite. Yes, and yes, and yes, but then, he is Ssempa, and I am gay Uganda, so- tainted source.

Stupidity should be protected by the law... Especially in some cases like this, just for the sake of laughter.


Emi's said...

Red pepper has the most sharpest Journalists....Sempa got his 15 minutes of fame and more $$ in funding.....and some fool goes ahead to say they are stupid.

I hate that pepper but am so amused reading it

tumwijuke said...


He'll be after bloggers next at this rate.

Heaven! said...

hmmm, if they were to ban all things that "make people want to go and have sex", what would we remain with?

the way i see it, we should get better reasons for wanting to ban that red rag.

mphoebe said...

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Ugandan girl said...

Kale this is news....Pastor Sempa had two children outside wedlock...hmmmm....something to think about....

SilvaBow said...


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