For all of you that have been bitching about my absence
Here I am
I have no good tales to tell about where I have been
Because to be honest, I have been up to no good
And if this explanation is not good ‘nuff for you
Sue me.
Call the Hague and convene a war crimes tribunal
Or child support services and cite neglect and abandonment
Or maybe Bill Gates and tell him am not utilizing his services
Coz am just not goin to apologise for bein away
And especially for coming back with nothing to write about

6 loungers burdening me:

gayuganda said...

You are very eloquent in defence.

Not guilty. Acquitted.


Tandra said...

naye banange some people...we be knitting to keep our minds off uwa absence and then u come back with that??

See if i spear head another campaign to find out how you are!!!

The 27th Comrade said...

The Hague? But we want a verdict!

Anonymous said...

At least u showed face!


candybox said...

I take it you're having bloggers bloc.

nahjaj said...

so r u back for good???

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