the A-Z

this seems to be the in thing.
everyone has an A-Z of sorts
some of them hilrious
for a while now i hav thought hard about it
but hav stil failed to come up wit one
i guess some of us dont have it
i cant do an A-Z
i wont be bothered to think about
what to write on Q,X,V,K Yand Z

4 loungers burdening me:

Iwaya said...

i too have failed to do the tag thingy, the what are you doing now lists and what--not! glad to know am not alone!

Phoebe said...

i fear the tag thingy-coz i have to reavel too much. And the A-Z thingy, I simply love to read it, not to write it
as for the two of you- its laziness just

antipop said...

@iwaya-i say, lets b different
@phoebe- put ur mouth where ur alphabet is

the phantom said...

methinks with the whole internet anonymity thing going and the way u be creative, there's really nothing to fear. just spin a yarn at a time.

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