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I love comedy. I love stand up comedy especially.
Nothing cranks me up like a really obnoxious and
Mostly fat guy aiming jabs at an unsuspecting audience
And no I do not go for comedy night, do not care much
For the Amarula Family and Theatre Factory may well
Be a warehouse on 6th street that stocks up on props
And caricatures( sounded nice in my head).

I love yo mamma jokes
I love a guy who can take my mother apart
Piece by piece just with his foul mouth- and yes
I love my mother.
These are some of the ones i like to share wit u

1.yo mamma’s too fat, her tattoos have strechmarks
2.I was on top of your sister yesterday and I looked worried. So she asked me “what’s the matter?” I told her I was going to be on Yo Mamma (it a TV programme). And she said “don’t worry, everyone has been on her”
3.yo mamma’s got summer teeth. Some are(read summer) yellow, some are crooked and some are just missing.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment!

And also for the compliments. I get told that a lot. I am glad that you enjoyed my blog. It will give me motivation to write more.

My biggest fear is that everything I say will be in vain. But.. its not. Thanks to you!

- Lev

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