He is leaving

My brother threatened to beat me up if I did not stop seeing him, I almost fought with my cousin’s friend over him, I fought with him constantly, fought with my boyfriends over him every so often, and now he is leaving.

He never held me, never told me he loved me, cheated on me, constantly put me down, was constantly competing with me on who spoke better English, who had the best jokes, who delivered the fastest punch lines, who knew the latest songs and latest videos, and now he is leaving.

He is Nigerian, he is Ugandan, speaks neither Nigerian nor Ugandan, says he was born on the wrong continent, calls himself a gypsy, says he is not like every body else- and he is not- is an ex-seminarian, and now he is leaving.

I left him, coz I wanted more, but I saw him every so often, coz I wanted him more. We flirted, we teased, we got back together. I was happy. And now he is leaving. I am sad now. But still he is leaving.

He is snobbish, corky, arrogant, he is a show off, he is leaving.

He is not leaving me.

He is going to the UK(he calls it outside countries)

He is going for treatment, but I know he is not coming back

He is leaving. I guess he is leaving me.

5 loungers burdening me:

Phoebe said...

is he dying??
Is that why u gone too.
why u have disappeared from the "cafe"?

antipop said...

no u idiot
i dont tink he is dying
i just hav a feeling he wont come back to ug
and my chances of goin to the uk

Anonymous said...

kewl stuff. hey are you in UG? thot you were describing my 'mate' was reading on coz i thought id finally met the chick he was cheating with LOL. so hola at me more.

antipop said...

yes i am in CHOGM country
do u hav a link anonymous?

mphoebe said...


"is he dying?"- what an idiot. Blonde highlights and E! did have their effects

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