weekend woes

Is it just me or was last weekend a month of Sundays?
I slept, woke up, ate- u know the normal time consuming tings
But no. time just stood still.
My sister’s shop got robbed by a guy(or chic) wit a sense of humor
He musta felt sori for my sis. He left an item of everything he stole.
One piece of Samona, one bungle, one packet of always, one bar of soap
One movit, even one strip of airtime.
He must have loved the dettol soap though, because that, he carried it all.

Back to the long weekend, this guy I like did not e-mail. I call that commitment issues
Major depression there. I decide to take matters in my hands and dictate that time
Speeds up so I went on location for the movie “kiwani”. You have all heard about it right?
That is where I met a really cute but short guy. And that is where that story will end.
New week, a lot on my mind, none of which I can put into words

2 loungers burdening me:

Iwaya said...

You have a gift...saying so much in the fewest words...a rare gift.

mphoebe said...

Where was I when all this little was being said. coz i would have loved to read it, the time it was written.........

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