Abusing the acronym…

I want to talk about LOL, short for, Laughing Out Loud
You only use it when you think that what the other person said/wrote was funny

I have seen many people use it even at the end of their own publications.
On a blog I visited recently, I was dismayed when I checked out comments posted and someone had commented thus,
“For us, at that place where i go every morning, meetings always go like that. Thats why we have an in-house shrink! LOL”

When you use it like this fool above, It means one or all of these things,
1. You are a shallow self righteous person who laughs at own not so funny jokes
2. You think the reader is some blond bimbo/ stud and therefore you have to explain to them that what you just said was funny
3. You are insulting the reader’s intelligence
4. You are insulting their integrity.
5. you have no sense of humor.

7 loungers burdening me:

Henry North London said...

I havent read the Twat book yet but Im sure I will laugh my sides out at it but Lol is only used if I really do chuckle at a post...

I never use it unless it really has happened

I prefer Laughed out Loud

tumwijuke said...

I think you need to go have yourself a nice cold beer. Yes, the lol is misused, but you get the general gist. It's surely one of those things that can be ignored, no?


Phoebe said...

go slowly now. people can do whatever they choose on their posts; Laugh out loud, ask you to lol or just indicate (at the end) that it is indeed a joke with- Jokes.

@ Tumwi; what's POL?

pissed off patricia said...

There is one blogger who I will not name, but she inserts "lol" at the end of every sentence she posts. I don't know if she's laughing or if I'm supposed to. I don't.

Mo Maalim said...

What if I told you I actually HEARD someone say 'lol'?

Yes, one cracked a joke and the other one, clearly amused, burst out with "LOOOOOL".


Henry North London said...

that means they need to get a life

Saying LOL or Lool is a sign they spend far too much time in front of their computer


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I wonder how willing you are to debate this?

BUT if your panties get a little tighter I doubt you'll be able to breathe. :-)

Is that better? :-) vs. LOL

Tee hee (yes I laugh at my own jokes)

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