beat that...

I am about 5”0(my friend P says its way lower than that) and once dated a 6”4 guy.where other guys call their girlfriends baby, honey, sugar, sweetheart and all that mucky stuff, idiot, as we shall refer to him from now on, fondly called me midget. Midge when it was an extremely romantic moment.

One year ago, a conversation took place.

Me: hey T am broke, may be you should lend me some money
Idiot: (looks at me, laughs) midge, you are probably richer than I am
Me: how come?
Idiot: what natural resources do you know?
Me: (tryn to sound smart) er, er, gold, timber, diamonds, oil….
Idiot: all of which come from the ground
Me: yea, but get to the point
Idiot: (looking at me incredulously) me and you, who is closer to the ground?
Me: @#$$%%^&&**%$#

2 loungers burdening me:

tumwijuke said...

Height discrimination. Sue. I know a good lawyer.

Phoebe said...

Okay this is the best. I soooo want to meet this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaHA!

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