What you do in the dark…

Ya’ll heard Jesus say that didn’t you? No. I wasn’t there either, but I read my bible. So Jesus, apparently the worst communicator ever, (the guy could not call a spade a spade- you just had to figure it out in a parable, proverb or some tall yarn). So this one time he said “whatever you do in the dark, shall be brought to light” now, according to my brother in law, my sister gets up to no good in the night while they sleep. And he was about to expose her.

At first, I thought that the guy was going to reveal that my sister was a night dancer or something of the sort. But he looked at us earnestly and said he was going to sue for domestic violence. With concerned faces, (not me really. I was eagerly waiting for some drama to unfold) we all turned to him and listened.

Turns out that on several occasions he (my brother-in law) woke up with a sprained neck and painful jaws. His conclusion, “seems my wife slaps me while am sleeping”

I want to trade families.

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The US Military has a "dont ask dont tell policy" you can be in the military and be gay as long as you dont really talk about it , or get caught being gay. Its retarded. The old system you were not allowed to be in and they could ask you and stuff on screening tests.

This new system was suppose to work well but it is completely retarded. There are still witch hunts to find all the fags and kick them out of the military.

It is ironic because a lot of people that get kicked out of the military are officers who have been in for 10-20 years, and then they just get rehired to do the same job by the Department of Defense. GO figure.

Gay Rights is a big issue in the upcoming election and hopefully the new presidnet will get rid of this ridiculous policy.

Thanks for the comments.

Btw.. I joined the military becausE I love my country and I want to help in a pro active way.

Me being gay, does not in any way interfere with the mission or my job.

The only thing that I absolutely HATE about the military is the "dont ask, dont tell" policy. I thought about it a lot when I joined, and i decided that it was worth the sacrifice in order to benefit myself.

Every once in a while I wonder if I made the right choice, like this weekend. Hopefully with the new president some change will come for the good, and america will truly be the land of EQUAL oportunity and rights for EVERYONE not just straight white males. :)

- Lev

pissed off patricia said...

If you knew my family you would take back your trade offer. Trust me.

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