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In a very cramped, over crowded car, an argument ensued about whether gay guys should be hung, shot or crucified. Nothing about whether they should be hugged, loved and accepted. As far as the other occupants were concerned, there was only one verdict for homosexuals-death- and the only question remained, how it was going to be served out.

I chose to disagree. I disagreed that no, not all of the millions of gay people are insane and need medical attention, that no, not all of them would go to hell and no it was not my business to say what two grown up people got into (there is a pan there) in their spare time.

I said to them, no lesbian has ever stole from me, no gay man has ever murdered my relatives, no lesbian ever lied, cheated or raped me, so who was I to dictate their fate? To their argument that it (homosexuality) is against bible teachings, I said to them, is it not the same God that created each one of us in his likeliness? Is it not the same God that creates everything for a reason? Is it indeed not the same bible that tells us never to question God’s decisions? To accept them as they come?

The way I see it, for people to use the banner of the church/ religion to denounce and spread hate messages against fellow humans is not right. Hate messages that will cause one to harm another simply because of their sexual leanings, that, was simply wrong.

And in that crumpled car, a very angry woman asked “do you think what they are doing is right then?” very, very carefully, I told her “I don’t know.” And I said, it is not my place to say what is right or what is wrong, not my place to tell them from whom to draw their happiness, and certainly not my place to tell them what is awaiting them in the after life.

For in all honesty, no one really knows. All I ask is that they do not be judged.

2 loungers burdening me:

Henry North London said...

Hear Hear Judge not lest ye be judged... and all that etc

Phoebe said...

when this sexual debate turns to real issues like child sex abuse; molestation, rape and defilement, then i shall pay attention. Right now, let's focus on Chogm. How i would so like to meet one of the queens grandson

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