I am suing the Serena Hotel

So they have rumps for the disabled, elevators for the lazy, and TV for loungers, but cannot provide a simple thing for short people? What would happen if God forbid Sara short were to perform there? Huh? Huh?

While am still suing people, I just may sue KCC or Central govt or whatever, coz since before CHOGM, I noticed that they brought the pavements closer to my face. Why couldn’t they just leave well alone when the ground was just miles away from my face. Am not short sighted. Am just short.

So why am I suing the Serena? Recently, I went there for God knows what, I cant be bothered to remember. So being a ranked hotel, (you know like 1star, 2star, only it is there abouts of 5star) it has revolving doors, that also happen to be sensor doors. So I am already running late, I stand in front of one of these fancy doors. And the damn doors refuse to open. So I turn around to try and get help, and there, grinning like a fool, was the bell boy or whatever they call them outside Hollywood. He came over, raised his arm from behind me and the damn doors slid open. Turns out, am too short for the door sensors.

I may sue. I may not. Or I may just sue my mom

7 loungers burdening me:

The 0ne said...

I can't even bring myself to throw all sorts of puns your way.. i don't have it in me.

eddsla said...

hahaha...yo funny. sue the bell boy who made it known to you...u've crakt me up with that one i swear

Tandra said...

Sue away!! with u all the way!

Anonymous said...

right, for some strange reason reminds me of the gods must be crazy where the little boy held aloft a section of a tree trunk to appear taller when he was threatened by a hyena....heheheheh!! not saying that they are related or anything..hehhehe!!

Phoebe said...

Antipop, do you notice all those guys are laughing at you, apart maybe from Tandra.
I gues someone from Serena needs to read this;

tumwijuke said...

Ode to the Height Challenged

The pain, the heartache, the long lasting ...

Sorry, can't fully emphathise (being tall, elegant and Claudia Shiffer-esq). It's the thought that matters.

Mo Maalim said...

Awww...I just want to pat the top of your head and stick a liquorice stick in your mouth.


That's my "I just crack myself up" smug smile.

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