What blues?

Everyone is always talking about Monday blues this, Monday blues that and I always wondered wat they felt like. Coz me, am an everyday girl. Especially Thursdays. But today I woke up and my wallet was gone. You would think the Monday blues would be coming on right then. But waa. All I could see was gray and black. Nothing blue about how my day was going. I could have given anything for the blues at that time.

Right when I was getting used to the fact that I will have no money for the rest of the year, I fix my flash disk in the computer and some fcuk face I had lent it to had deleted all of my documents. All of them. Now am seeing dark blue, dark black, blood and goth. Still nothing blue about my Monday. Why do they call them Monday blues any way? Anyone got an answer? Anyone?

What a bummer my day is turning out to be and its only 11:00am.

3 loungers burdening me:

Tandra said...

i suspect its coz the peeps who came up with the term liked the color blue :D

Anonymous said...

I think when people say " Looks like someone's got a case of the monday's" They are referring to someone who is pissed off about their job.

The Blues? Um.. they are a differnt emotion depending on the context that it is used in.

People who have the monday blues need to re-evaluate their lives. :)

I am sorry to hear of your troubles.

What color would you like your monday's to be?

Anonymous said...

I hope they did not die! :( That would be sad, and I would feel like an asshole!

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