Boss from hell

Usually, I like my editor. She is kinda nice and every so often accommodating, even if quite frankly, I give her a hard time. But not on this day. She wasn’t. She started off well, inviting a friend and I (I hate that speak. Why can’t I just say ‘me and my friend’?) for a cocktail party of some clothes shop in town. So am all excited to go, when I remember that this was the same day of the blogger’s get together. And I did not want to miss that. And wait wasn’t she a blogger too?

But the boss is boss. So we left, with her in tow. What she forgot to tell me was that it was a black and white party. I was wearing blue denims (I could just say jeans could I not?) and brown something. On second inspection though, I realized she could not have known judging from the all pink outfit she had on. After givin instructions and making sure I understood what kind of story she wanted, she told me she was off to the blogger’s get together!

I do not like my boss so much right now.

1 loungers burdening me:

itchy witch said...

are u kidding me?! there are people out there complaining about 'real bosses' from 'real hell'. wow, wish your representation of hell was accurate, i wdnt mind sinning.

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