Help! There’s a blonde on my radio

So we know Seanice left very large shoes to fill, but surely, sanyu fm could have come up with a size ten woman to take over the breakfast show. Instead, we got served Melanie. A blonde with just the wrong shade of hair and color. She tries so hard to sound intelligent everyday, and everyday, she fails to pull it off. That is how she ends up getting into arguments she has no clue about. Hence her arguments always sound like, “If it’s not a girl it’s a boy. I can’t see it being anything else...”

Only yesterday, her co-presenter fatboy was analyzing a certain political figure and how he does not seem to give explanations for his actions. “…instead, he always goes on the defensive” concluded fatboy. To which Melanie replied “yea, and that could be dangerous for him. He should instead try to be on the offensive. ” I switched off the radio and looked through the window at the grass fly in every direction as it was mowed. Atleast the grass had an opinion.

6 loungers burdening me:

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Seanice either. Its like she just wants to argue for the sake of arguing. And when it comes to her saying she is saved, the stuff that spills out of her mouth when she is talking religious stuff is so contraversial. She does Christians more of a disservice than anything.

Tandra said...

i was going to comment..but the burden thing...dont want to get u down :D

antipop said...

@tandra, tink of me as your very own agony aunt... now go ahead and burden me

Anonymous said...

i like seanice she is a good sort, quite intelligent and a good presenter too!

Anonymous said...

Burden you?....gladly!!

You know....its people like you THAT make my job easy!!! you do realize that in my line of business that there is NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY?

Blonde...or do you mean blond? thanks for the compliment.

hehehe...oh gosh why do i bother?!
Hope you listen to another breakfast show now, less headache i gather


Anonymous said...


Relax... I agree, why do you bother?... its not like you're gonna change and become smarter overnight... we take you as you are Mel, sometimes cute but most times... Haaa... As I said, some of us take you as you are.. shine on! some how!

Oh, but about that Christian stuff, you need to slow down, you do many of us 'savedees' a serious disservice!! esp with your gospel show...

but as I said...we take you...

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