no limit for this loser

Surely there ought to be a limit to losers. But apparently for some, there is no way of telling just how low they will go in their quest for being the lowest of the low.
Venue: top eatery in town (okay, not really top)
Mode: counter service
Ambience: lots of attractive people surrounding me
Attention span: 99% on waitress behind counter
1% checkin out semi-hot guy from corner of my eye

Semi-hot is obviously checking me out, which makes me a little uncomfortable. I almost tell him he is being rude but I decide to mind my q’s and p’s (I always wanted to say that). I get my food, walk to the nearest table and tear into the chicken like it’s going to fly off my plate if I just ate it slow. But does this put off loser from across my table? No. So he keeps staring, and I keep hogging.

He finishes his meal and walks out. I sigh like, ppphhhhewwww... Finally I can clear off the remaining potatoes without event. I do, wipe my mouth and walk out. Before I know it, semi-hot is approaching me and greeting me and begging.

No. Not for that silly. He is claiming that he is waiting for a friend who seems to have lost his way, could I be kind enough to BEEP him on my phone. Suspicious but not wanting to act rude incase the guy is telling the truth, I ask for his friend’s number to CALL. I don’t think twice about the fact that semi-hot recites the number off head all natural like. The number is going through and I see the phone vibrating from semi-hot’s front pocket! I look at him incensed and the fool is looking at me grinning with satisfaction. I walk away seething.

He never called.

10 loungers burdening me:

magoola said...

That's a nice trick. I have used it before several times, but not on strangers. On new chicks at work.I could get their numbers anyway because we have a company phone listing, but it's just slicker to get it that way.
My trick is that my battery is dead and I need to leave a friend an important message, he lives out of State, which makes it a long distance call I can't make on company phones.

Tandra said...

he has never called? dont him instead but since he was semi-- maybe not...sigh...

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

If you are going to trick me into giving you my digits you better be such a smooth talker because there is such a thing called 'hang up at hello.'

Anonymous said...

u had the right to!!!

Mr.Back2Basics... said...

This chap was Semi-Hot!
Guessing that this is why he is only semi-hott
Dude has no GAME!!!

No Charm either...

LOL @ Magoo though!

Afrobabe said...

lmao...I love the guy...

desperate lady said...

Daaaaannnng d nigga got u good. If it was me he did d@ to, I would have smiled.
I like smart guys....a big turn on.
Hey u write good too n thanks for stopping by mine.

candybox said...

Got to give the guy points, but would have been pissed cos of the staring bit. I wonder if he's called yet.

anonymous gal said...

hehehe.funny stuff u must be nice to hv agreed to help him out.guys i wonder war next.

Mo Maalim said...

That's a funny dude!

I can seriously see myself doing that soon.

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