The v word

I always refrain from saying this word at all costs. It is hyper rated, hyper stupid and hyper hyped! Valentines day. Thankfully it is over. Now, my beef for the V word is so much more than my raging envy of those that are in love. No. It’s about this one Valentines Day that I went out with this loser. Note to self: seriously, stop calling other people losers
Like most guys I have dated, we had very little in common. Which means we argued every time we went out. I wanted to dance, he didn’t, I knew cool people, he didn’t, I dressed well, he didn’t. So on this day valentines, we go out, have one of those arguments. He wanted to go away, I wanted to stay and party some more. At which point he sat in a corner and sulked and eventually left.

The nerve of the guy. Leaving me in a bar alone. So at 3am, tired of hanging with my super cool friends, I decided to leave. Only my date had left, which means I had no ride. By this time, I was super mad. So I decided to walk and cool it off. Feeling invincible from all that Bond7 I had been binging on all nite, I headed on home alone feeling too cool for school.

I must have still had some wits about me coz on the way I picked up a stone for PROTECTION. I sensed someone following me and increased my pace. Soon after, some foul smelling, shabby teenager grabbed me from behind. Remembering the rock I had picked up, I turned and threw it in his face. He ducked and I watched helplessly as it flew past. I struggled best as I could but he was too strong for me and before I knew it, I had been toppled to the ground. That is when I realized in horror that it was not my possessions he was after.

I never thought I was capable of screaming so loud. I screamed as I kicked and pushed as the boy brought his face closer to mine. I cannot begin to describe the terror that gripped me just then. Just then a taxi approached from a gas station 200m away and the boy ran away. I sat there crying and shaking and finally made my way to wandegeya, found a bar, sat at a counter and ordered for a bottle of Bond7 and sat at the counter crying till morning.

The weird thing is that to this day, I am haunted most by the nauseating smell of my assailant than the senseless thing he almost did to me. Since then, all my valentines days smell really bad.

20 loungers burdening me:

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. You are a survivor.

And yeah,you need to quit calling people you date losers.If are a loser can get with you, who can't?

Oh firsties suckers!!!!

tres jolie said...

One, that date of yours should be flogged and hanged for leaving you behind.
Two, that idiot that wanted to have his way with you should be castrated....Thank God you survived the whole thing and thank BOND 7 for keeping you company for the rest of the night.

candyb said...

Don't really know why i want to laugh, but i will. hahahaha.
These losers plaguing your life like this ish.
Thank God you had a lucky escape.

Lovely Amphibian said...

seriously, that was dangerous. your account is too surreal, i keep hoping this is one of those things bloggers (a.k.a, magoo and cherie) do when the temperatures are low around here. i mean, that bozo coulda given you more than just cooties!

Cheri said...

U mistook Bond 7 for James Bond 007!

Gwe, that is not funny... If that taxi hadn't appered in the nick of time, who knows what would have happened. I shudder to think further.

U need to get down on yo knees and thank God for saving u.

Antipop... U had a lucky escape. Someone else wouldn't have.


kissyfur said...


anonymous gal said...

finally someone wit a reason to hate vals day. i just hate it coz thats wat i do-hate.
but ur date is/was a loser to have left u.

antipop said...

@magoo unfortunately, that is what they all are. losers.
@trejollie u r right. i am callin in my guys to flog him
@lovely amphibian & @kissyfur i stil get the creeps everytime i think about what could have been
@cheri, there is things alcohol can make you, and one of them is super hero. well, until u wake up the next day

yea and my date was a loser. he still is. and i never left him them.
i suck sometimes

Anu boy said...

omo mehn,,, na wa oh... Thank God you were saved ohhhh...

just take things easy...

i am feeling your blog oh

Afrobabe said... need to thank God for that taxi oh...mennn imagine the diseases that boy could have had...

Afrobabe said...

Has semi hot called?

Anonymous said...

pele dear!thank Goodness nothing happened to you!ah na wa..

and your date is serioulsy a looser

ozaveshe said...

i think this is a rather sad story. but all is well that ends well...

u write beautifully, by the way

ozaveshe said...
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~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

the losers are just another addition to the little book of strange-sometimes even funny memories. comes in handy when you retire at 70 and sit around giggling at your youth.

meanwhile I have you tagged on my page!

antipop said...

@anuboy,@ozaveshe,& @pink satin, welcome aboard.
seeing all these comments from you has just emphasised the gravity of what could have been.

i had let it rest, but my fears are returning

nahjaj said...

thank God u weren't hurt.hopefully one day u wont hate valentines day so much

Nigerican said...

Thank goodness nothing happened to u.

Now for my scolding- what the heck where u thinking walking home alone , early in the morning with only a stone. How cud u're friends let u walk. Anyway once again i'm glad u're safe.

Ms. emmotions said...

oh dear,
thats bad,
did he call u in the morn,
needless to say u droped him fastlike a pack of rubbish,

Ngare said...

Wow! Really really sorry about that! Im happy he didnt get a chance to do what he intended, im glad you were able to kick and fight that long and get him off you!
After hearing such a story once u think ud get used to them but each time i get really really worked up!!!
Some people are just real animals!

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