My first movie date

It was not at Cineplex. Or an equivalent. But it was memorable.

I was 12 and my breasts had just began to sprout (the way they look now you would think that they are still in the process of germination, but apparently, this is all the growth there will ever be. I need to have them done one of these days). Sorry, back to the date.
So my breasts were just budding, my hormones were working over drive and there was this boy Christopher.

Christopher or Trevor- you were not cool then unless you had a super cool self-baptized name. I went by Snoop Doggy Doggy (Rocco. You don’t have to tell me) myself- Sorry I keep wondering. Anyway, Trevor was hot. And I was the envy of my classmates. You see, Trevor was in S.3 and I was in P.7, so I was like all that. What I did not tell my classmates is that Trevor was my sister’s boyfriend, but he liked to hang around me when my sister was away at boarding school. So anyway, one day, Trevor asked to take me for a movie.

My dad was out of town on Lord knows what parents go to do upcountry during school, but he was out of town and this was the happiest time of our life my siblings and I. We got up to all kinds of mischief. So when Trevor asked to take me for a movie, on a school night, I could not have been happier. I rushed home after school, showered (I hated bathing then, mind) got out my lacy dress and set out to meet Trevor. It was just a little after 8pm and my elder sister was not amused, but I would be damned if I listened to her.

The movie we were scheduled to watch was starting at 10pm so we waited a little outside the showing place. I call it showing place because I cannot describe it. The seats were some dirty benches, the TV and deck hoisted up on two tables stacked together. The crowd, a filthy lot, me, the only girl. Meanwhile Trevor and I waited outside for our scheduled movie to begin. For the life of me, I do not know what we talked about for over an hour, but we did have some conversation.

We sit for our movie. The first images that flash on screen are of a woman in a bikini, vigorously washing the bonnet of a car, this dude from nearby garage coming over and dropping his overalls and bending over said woman…

I got back home about 11:30 (Yes. Such movies tend to run for short lengths) still reeling from what I had seen. Waiting for me with a facial expression I never want to see on another person ever, was my dad, facing the entrance, a belt in his hand. Wtf? *&^(()&$*! This dude was scheduled to return two days later! Short story. He beat me black and blue. I wonder what he would have done had he known what exactly I had been getting up to.

Anyway, the next day he sat me down and asked, “antipop, are you really a virgin?”

17 loungers burdening me:

Sybella said...

you didn't like to shower then... has your attitude changed since then?

or is that you are scrubed down (as if the guys who wash cars) by your family these days to prevent the smell and thus have no choice?

Sybella said...

and where are those supposed bhh pics... no not the ones chanel took but the ones you took...

The dare-devil said...

“antipop, are you really a virgin?” lol.Oba why did he even bother asking? It goes without saying........

kissyfur said...

U obviously had done bad manners.....should have beaten u some more.

Tandra said...

l like ur father.. LOL

Anonymous said...

U didn't like to shower? Chica, some things should remain inthe closet.

I wont even get started on the virginity thing.

DeTamble said...

'Sup slut faced whore?

As much as I love blogger I would so much rather be getting fucking drugged off my face right now! This fucking sucks!!! GOD! I need a new dealer!! I just read it. HOLY SHIT!!!
You went to see porn and...fuck your dad!! I know he's dead and you're supposed to be nice to the dead but fuck!! Beating is not allowed!!! Especially not with a belt! I hated being belted, fucking sucks. If I ever meet I'm going slap him!! Beating your daughter for whatever reason is not okay...EVER!

On the bright side you wrote about your tits :D :D *drools*

31337 said...

sweetheart. tits. nice. i have a couple of those movies, one even starts with a snake scene, not that snake the real one that goes hiss..i give up. just come over to my place and we can act one out.

Don said...

Your dad sounds like a good father. I think I would have done the same.

My first ever movie that I can recall was Superman 1.

James Tubman said...

i like the way you described your little breasts lol

you got a good memory

i dont think i should tell you about my first date

im from the hood so it was a little less ideal lol

Benge Solomon said...

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antipop said...

@benge solomon, the pressure, the pressure!

val said...

Lmao Antipop...did your sister not find out and errr.....kill you????

Anonymous said...

Antipop u havent answered that bit of the story!! Are u avirgin?

antipop said...

@sybella, the experience of showering has gotten a bit more delightful today. I may not necessarily shower by my selefu

@sybella, again, try loading pics on blogger. it is a slow, painful experience. i am stil working on it

@the dare devil, ha! the nerve of you. and for your information, i might still be

@tandra, me too. pity i cant introduce you guys.

@kissyfur, it is good to know that tyrants still live among us

@buttercookie, thta si ym psat. Yuo cna nto hlod taht agiasnt me

@detamble, yea. bitch slap the discipliner!

@thirty one thousand three hundred thirty seven zimbabwean dollars, those movies are disgusting. my dad would be disapointed in me if he ever found out that i know about them, let alone watch them

@don, my dad was a kickass father. yes. he kicked ass too

@james tubman, yes. there is no other way to do it am afraid

@val, my sister was just jealous. she was happy my ass got kicked! if i didnt love her so much i would revenge

@danny crane, get a hobby!

leos child said...

wabula that was

Anonymous said...

I hear my sisters boyfriend. DOnt you have something else you can lie about?

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