My name's antipop and i am back

I have been gone for a week or so, doing mainly nothing. I am well aware that no one's asked where i have been, or ashed me to return, or even said they missed me, but i have come back anyway, and i will have you know that i did miss you regardless. anyway, here are the BHH photos that i did promise if you are still interested.

who went and abandoned this beautiful lady?

that's right. Her Chips and chicken buddy did

"wamma check. has my wonder bra achieved desired results in this?"

without those oh so white teeth and the fingernails and maybe the watch, B2B would have disapeared in the darkness. He seems to be shielding Chanel from the prying eyes of our cameras. I wonder from what. You guys wanna get a room for that sort of behavior?

antipop being antisocial. so you have a mobile phone. so what? mingle around and say something to that guy standing next to you already. Wait. He seems to be ignoring you as well. In that case, text away.

Jared, a newbie, posing for our snoops as dee reaches for her water, albeit wondering how to get the newbie's phone number.not that she is in the business of collecting phone numbers or anything

bloggers having a moment

hi. i iz roko artis(sue me) and thiz iz my queen dancers beaches and peaches

with a name like 'the dare devil' you can only imagine that that smile is just for the Kodak moment.

channel taking it upon herself to record the moments at BHH

me, taking it upon myself to record her butt, legs and those red heels that the fashion expert called 'killer red pumps'

"There. i have managed to get it all out! And boy oh boy is it thick." Dee seems to be telling Ivan as she removes a lump of wax from his ear

26 loungers burdening me:

B2B said...


and seriously
fashion expert???


kakaire said...

Thank you for taking it upon yaself to make visual record of chanel's ass. Nuff said.

Sybella said...

well... i missed you.

where have you been hiding? did you go visit detamble... coz she has also been quiet...

sankyu for the pics

kakaire said...

Is it just me or do Dee and Chanel look like they could be sisters from different mothers?
And Ivan, that pose behind them, makes me a victim of disappointment in you.

Antipop, you are to quick to suggest rooms, is that ya thing? Is that what you do yaself? As in you get a room at even the least opportune moment?

And no, you don't have to say anything to the guy next to you. Just get a room-Your words!!!

Cheri said...

A bunch of roses for bringing us the pics and another bunch for the commentary/captions/craptions. Hilarious.

Chanel, I'd hit that.

B2B, will u ever go with the missus?

When does Detamble come for one?

B2B said...

hit what?

you didn't see the pumps bulungi

Anonymous said...

Who is that goooooorgeous woman? I am spellbound!

DeTamble said...

You're back!! And so am I!!

@Sybella: It's true. We've been hanging out with each other, ignoring each other...I was hoping she'd suggest we get a room but APPARENTLY she was too busy texting!!

@Cheri: If things go to plan I'll be there for the October one and you shall see me skulking in the background as pale blob of a pathetic excuse for humanity or if the camera gets too close to me you'll see only half of me as the other half lunges behind the nearest Blogger. Can you tell I dislike all pictures I'm in? Well...most of them anyway. I'm not photogenic like Antipop who always looks adorable. The bitch. So yeah, October, but knowing me I'll arrive in Uganda, promptly fall viciously ill and miss BHH cause I'll be dying.

eleet said...

oh antipop. welcome back. we indeed had a fun time while we were away, of course doing this thing called nothing.

antipop said...

@b2b, yes. you do seem to know names of dresses, shoes and purses and colors and what not.

@kakaire, i do my best. but do people notice? no! thanx for noticing

@sybella, wamma thank you for missing me. and how is rhys? pleasantries out of the way, i took a bit of vactaion. spent it all in my bed. and the kitchen. i am fat and lazy.

@kakaire again, i take back my earlier compliments. No offense Ivan but i am not booking into any room with you. i have heard stories...

@cheri, thank you for the roses. sniff, sniff. right. they smell like pupupu

@b2b, i rest

@bazanye, that would be me, thank you very much

@detamble, thank you for replying sybella and cheri. saves me a lot of trouble

@eleet, i did miss you guys too. and i am sorry to hear that time stops when i am gone

Anonymous said...

That wonder brah comment chik is off the chains!

The blak dude with only teeth, nails and watch noticable, if he met with a white dude in the morning, the white dude would say to him, "Good evening fella!"

Joshi said...

Dude looks at picture of Antipop and says to himself..'K'la is too small'

antipop said...

@Joshi! Oh My Gosh! what? where? when? when did we sleep together?

Anonymous said...

mmm this makes my assassination plot a lot easier. it take it upon my self to eliminate all the world geeks starting with bloggers!!
(loading a mac and 45. colt) B2b darkness .... will need a flash light and i think i shd recruit mcvoy

James Tubman said...

afrikan women are the most beautiful women on this earth

whenever i look at one such as you i know im looking at God's image of what true beauty really is because you all were the first women he ever created

Spartakuss said...

and no offense to the tub but whats going on here? "y'all were the first women to be created?" no. blogger women are a bit higher in the chain(next to mensah)... they are the upgrade version, that's why we are all trying to get ourselves some, not so Ivan? or baz? or B2B? ask all them guys...

Otherwise, all you guys looked really cool... notable absences but in all pretty.
i am drawn to the dare devil and hence i will go read her out.[ that smile tells of a wicked soul and i love it!]
Jared, welcome to the BHH... where it happens in excess!
is it just me or does Ivan look a bit stiff in the shot with antipop?

@revence: you are taking the long walk to freedom? coz you look like the world might eventually have her way wth you afterall...

but yeah i love the pics, truly tacky like all BHH pics; never clear enough to know who the culprit is in court, you know... we need to work it out so the evidence is admissible in court, no?

Ivan said...

@Spartakuss; A blogger woman just declared she wouldn't book into a room with me, I can't answer you objectively at the moment.

Heaven! said...

Ivan nawe that pose is sooooo ghetto!

Ivan said...

As in worthy of an Escalade type Ghetto or ghetto like that pose on yours. . .which would make master robbo cower in shame

Cheri said...

I zoomed in on all pictures...Ivan, wassup with your tongue???

In the ghetto picture with Dee and Chanel your tongue looks like it needs to see a dermatologist. Quit that stuff...the coloured labels.

Phoebe said...

'had hoped u'd take a long enough time away, so we(i)'d miss you.

Yet me thinks these be the best BHH fotos...

that said:
@joshi, thats excatly what came to mind when i saw bhh fotos at Channel's with Edslah in them...k'la is too small

DeTamble said...

@Tub: I have a lot of things to say to you, particularly about your horrific butchery of religion and evolution and the fact that you are obviously a cockhead but I'll just leave it at this 'it is possible to praise an utterly gorgeous woman without insulting every woman who isn't african'.

@Spartakuss: so true, blogger women are the best, me want!!! Why wasn't I born a boy so I could get Antipop? WHYYYYYY???? Waaahhh :-(

@Cheri: You zoomed too? Whooo stalker!!

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