help. i am bored out of my skull

i decided to quit lounging. i realised rather late that it did not put clothes on my back blank blank i got a job. yea. i know! finally! thank you y'all that bought me food, clothed me and all that.

turns out, lounging is the most fun i have ever done in my life. i come and sit at my desk and do nothing! zilch. just cut out newpaper storues and then stare at my blank computer screen!

blank because(i should mention that i am glad i have the computer. yesterday i was just staring at the woodwork of my desk. fine wood i must add. must be mahogany. or synthetic something. i digress)well, it is blank because i do not have an adapter, so i can not connect it to power yet. i hear they are going to have to first requisition for an adapter, have the bosses approve the purchase and then get somebody to go and pick it! Geeeez! i hate protocal. so anyway, i have no computer, no internet, no life!

that means i miss you guys

and i have had to beg somebody to use theuir computer! do you know how humbling that was? no? well it was!

don't know when i will be back here. ttfn= ta ta for now

13 loungers burdening me:


you had no net yet you stll threw a post our way..

so you finally realised how costly an internet minute is in UG,they say we take all the bandwidth..

you'll be happy come end month..

Xena said...

hee hee, considering i work in the same office as you, pole sana. you will soon get used.
When i first came here, i also stared at the woodwork till i had mastered all the patterns.
We got computers one month later, internet another month later, business cards another month later and we are still waiting for everything else we requisitioned for in the first month.
So pole sana kiddo, you will learn to survive, as we all did. But its crap!!!!!!
Anyway, at least you get to do nothing all day......

Baz said...

You guys get business cards in only two months? Can I send my CV?

31337 said...

8 years later and i still have no business cards.

the computer i am using is 8 years old. beat that.

oh we miss the antipop, we do. hurry back.

Tandra said...

work... yay!

James Tubman said...

au revoir my dear

hope i see you some time soon

Emi's said...

Seams your in for a boring, draining and unfulfilled Job life

Best Wishes

jny23ug said...

I have a laptop that is connect to the internet all day long.
I also know C.E.Os of various companies.
And oh yeah, i have very fine furniture in my house.

so my dear Antipop, shall yu marry me and get out of that misearble life.

Did i say i'd buy yu clothes to cover that black blank blank blank.

Otherwise its always a pleasure to hear from yu

B2B said...

i feel for you AntiPop..

it may not show, but i do...

Sybella said...

i will miss you...

Anonymous said...

come back come back come back
I now look very idle without you.
people are noticing i dont work as hard as they thought...I miss you actually I miss asking you o log me in every morning when i was certain you were there by 6.30am

Anonymous said...

Help I am really bored!

Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up many different emo backgrounds 4 my blog

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