originallity 101

The year is 2008. There is a credit crunch and the US has a Kenyan for President. It's a very odd state of events. Very! Back to the credit crunch. Money hasn't started growing on trees and while people wait for that, they need ideas. Brilliant revolutionary ideas. The stuff of legend. Stuff that people will buy.

Some where in the nation of Dapht, off the coast of Angola, a company has been brainstorming. Thus far, its been a futile process. The chairman of the board of directors Kwak Industries wants innovation or everyone will be subjected to reruns of that telenovella they loathe. Its not looking up and all hope is just about lost....when suddenly...

John: Ladies, I have come up with this brilliant and totally original idea. Let us manufacture batteries! you know, the kind that people can use in their remote controls. yes. I bet nobody has ever thought of that! not even the guy that invented remote controls. Am I brilliant or what?

Joseph and Japheth: Cool.

Japheth: But what shall we call the batteries?

John: That is where I come in. I also managed to come up with an original name to go with the batteries. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Panasonic

Joseph Rushes over to his computer, types panasonic into his google search bar and gets 1,804,573,240 hits. Looks over at the girls disapointment showing on his face and says

Joseph: Thori Ladieth, but it theemth that name isth already taken. But here isth another name I had been meaning to bring to your attention justht in keth we ever invented a cardboard boxth. Are you ready for.....Toshiba!

Japheth who until now has been silently watching wondering what in the world she has been doing hanging around this dumb bunch, shakes her head)

Japheth: Ladies please. I hear what ya'll have been trying to say. But as you all already know, and i have constantly proven to you over the years i am the brilliant one in this group, let me do some brain storming with my medula and get back to you girls in three, two, one... PANASHIBA! And that is final!

Joseph and John dumbfounded by this sort of wizardry yet again, just nod their head in wonder and get down on their knees to worship the day's hero.

have a nice weekend guys

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Tandra said...


The 0ne said...

Damn you Tandra!

Cheri said...

Maras Tandra!

Ivan said...

That picture better be an advert for the silly things. If it transpires that you actually went to a shop and asked for these things I am so relegating you to Saggy levels!

31337 said...

lifts 'puter and looks under it. where is post? this is not the post really? is that the stuff you stuff in your batteries? this is up there with...with...with... *stomps away frothing at the mouth*

Baz said...

Nation of Dapht? Eh. I even had to do the after-laugh.

From now on I'll be sending people back to Dapht.

nevender said...

Auntie, you bought Panashiba?!!!


Robyn said...

Panashiba,,thats a first and all the way original.Doesnt get better than that.

Emi's said...

hahahaha.. and Panashiba was born

xena said...

i think i know someone who comes from the nation of Dapht.
Recently, we had a meeting with a client and my dear assistant of sorts having been idle throughout the meeting was requested to write up a contact report/minutes.
Dearest son of Dapht that he is, he returned to the office and called another member of staff who wasn't in said meeting. The conversation went something like this;

Son of Dapht: Hi X, where are you?
X: I'm just leaving this place where we've been meeting.
Son of Dapht: Ok, i need you to hurry back to the office because need you to do a contact report.
X: of course i am going to do a contact report for my meeting.
Son of Dapht: No, i need a contact report for this other meeting....
X: But i wasn't there, how do you expect me to do a contact report?
Son of Dapht: But i thought that you are the one who does that?

Now if that isn't a classic.

Sorry for blogging in your blog.

The Emrys said...

nation of dapht, nice one. you should copyright it

mphoebe said...

hahahahah. kale Xena has so stolen your thunder. She officially co-owns Dapht.

I as the watchers-by demand that Baz first mini-blogs on this subject before he can use the word.
thank you very much.

plus, as you can see. I want to chat with you. i hate phones and emails. They scream; work. official. So...do on it

Cheri said...

At least it isn't PANASOANIC or SQNY. Or PHILLIBS.

I have experience.

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