BHH Impromptus Re-captus

Yesterday was the impromptu bhh which happens any time there is a major occasion. Yesterday we came to pay homage to the founding father or mother of BHH. This means that without her, we would have never had those monthly gatherings at Mateos where we all assemble and share a few sodas amongst ourselves in the hope that we do not get thrown out of the commercial bar. You see, she was the only one amongst Ugandan bloggers that thought it would be a good idea if we met every so often to worship the ground on which either one of us walks if you are to take S.A.G.E very seriously. As for me, I go to Bhh because that is the only social life I have! Anyway, without further ado, I bring you the re-cap, even if really I was not there long enough to qualify for this kind of job.

By the time I got there, most bloggers had already assembled which meant then that I had the odious task of going around the table issuing hugs and handshakes for the very fortunate ones, because I have got to tell you, it had been a long day and my deodorant is not known to move mountains. So I was still there greeting and hollering when my uncle spotted me from the other side of the velvet line. I went over to greet him and proceeded to explain to him why I was hanging with so many people. I had to lie to him that we are a group of people that publish newspapers on the internet. What was I going to say? That really we are just a bunch of wannabes that post pictures of thongs, breasts and bare torsos on our blogs? Pray tell, how was I going to explain to him what a blog was? He asked whether I was making good money via the online newspaper thing, I said no, coz I knew next he was going to tell me that Grandpa needed another set of walking sticks. Enough about me; the re-cap.

Nevender did manage to make it this time around, even though he sat right behind 27th where nobody could see him, what with Rev’s dreads blocking everything in sight for 20 miles or so. So Nev asked why I had not been replying his e-mails and I had no answer. You see, I did promise that we would each read a Psalm a day and then share with each other what we'd gotten out of it via mail, but truth be told, I read the first psalm and the next time I opened the bible, it took me straight to proverbs and I have never turned back since.

Speaking of bible books, Nevender was seated right next to one of my dearest friends neatsilverbow and when I walked in on them, they were engrossed in conversation. I later asked silverbow whether it was the Psalms they were discussing and she said “no, but soon we shall get to songs of songs.” By the way, she is leaving for Kenya today, hope she comes back with nice tales for us all. And do be a dear and say hello to eleet

Ivan’s graduating next weekend. Just before he came for BHH, he’d been buying a graduation gown. When I met him on the way to Mateos, he was wearing said gown intent on shocking and awing bloggers. I begged him to please take the gown off people were going to think he was insane and only then did he oblige. Honest.

The usual suspects were there. Darlene and Solomon King whom I did not get round to interacting with much because I had to leave early. Which was a shame really because they were the only ones that seemed to genuinely want me to stay longer. B2B, the man that has defied all the odds of maledom was there also and he asked me to leave a killa comment at his current post on which he roasts Cheri Akiki. So I went over to his comments and wrote; Killer. I would never dare take part in anything that does not portray Cheri in good light. I am deathly terrified of her. So please Akiki, just know I am not taking part in that thing where everybody has you against the wall.

Speaking of against the wall, Chanel in her grand entrance style did pin me up against a chair and started dry banging me from behind. I know. Took me by surprise too. I never pegged her for the whole PDA thing. I have got two words for you sista; HO!

The bazungu aka Detamble and Jackfruity the woman of the hour seemed to gel instantly. It must have been the accents. Finally Detamble found somebody that could understand her without having to repeat herself a million times. Rev did seem intent on breaking up that cozy thing they had going and he could be seen pitching into the conversation at the top of his voice. He also made it a point to discuss with me my most recent post in detail which of course was embarrassing for me. If I had known we were going to discuss each other’s most recent posts surely I would have made much of an effort to cram some of the lines in his post!

Jny23ug was there with his usual wild tales which I shall not disclose on this blog at this time.

Nevender came over with a friend who told me his name was Simon. “Simon peter?” I enthused. No he said not getting the joke. Obviously he does not read Erique’s blog. I did ask him also if he had a blog and he said no, as if I had insulted him so I left it at that. I think he was just a well wisher, or a spy. Another well wisher called Linda made up an appearance and spent the entire evening chatting with Rev, I do not know about what.

Edsla was there and he and chanel I think made good use of the seating arrangement to talk about I imagine Juliet or how Mr. Bigg was not amused that Eddsla once asked Chanel whether he could spend the weekend with her at a hotel seeing as I had turned down the offer
Then I left.

On another note, you seriously have to check out beeeme. She has shockingly delicious candid tales. Not prescribed for you Nev, Cheri the virgin and any under 21s.

21 loungers burdening me:

Spartakuss said...


ok. officially you have just gotten my award for finishing first. brief like a virgin's first experience. me likeeey!

Spartakuss said...

i love the way you go around your banal life and sweetly intertwine it with the interesting things in your life! but yes you are truly gifted; you belie my expectations everytime

nevender said...

How can one have so much to say when they barely spent even twenty minutes there?

Kale you shouldn't have quit your last job? By the way why did you?

Meanwhile this is not even half of the tale...nga you you arrived late? Of course you did not see Lulu or you would have said something about her being very courteous.

Oba I also do my recap?

Antipop, lend me some creativity.

31337 said...

clearly you all need my presence at these BHHS to liven up the crowd. see now there was only one breif dry humping incident and no one chased anyone *preferably topless* about the restaurant with intent of actually "getting some" on top of the tables.

santosh said...

damn I missed it again....will surely make the BHH next time around...its a bet!!!

petesmama said...

Lol @ 3!

Ooops, I missed it again. As usual.

Miss Cheri said...

Banange, when was the last time I heard about S.A.G.E?

Thank u Antipop...thanks for "having my back". B2B tampona.

Lol at the last virgin reference. At least someone believe me.

Erique said...

Only social life you have? Why amen't I surprised?

Chanel said...

Me I DID no such thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Antipop, there you go advertising moi so that I may suffer scorn and rebuke. Now I know what BHH is. Would I be welcome? Is it only soda that one is allowed to drink at such gatherings? Chanel, ever considered a gal threesome.....We can share Antipop...but first, you tell me, was she any good?

Yours candidly, Beeme.

Carsozy said...

sent me a reminder next time AP am so terrible at remembering such get togethers.

lulu said...

i leftearly...why did you come at 9pm!

tumwijuke said...

Now I know why I no longer attend BHH.

Be silent said...

I always get to know about BHH the day after from Ivan who tells me "eeh btw you missed"

Emi's said...

After reading this, I feel I also attended...shame I had to leave early. Next Time we should take longer.

Liz said...

For enlightening the misfits that weren't present, we are eternally grateful

Now this beeme checking out right now

boyfulani said...

U seem to be having real good times over there in Champara.
Maybe Kee-nyans should pick it up...guess it would be more crazy than here.

eizzy.k said...

Sound like fun!
Could i come for the next one, i think i have the qualifications...a blog and i read most of y'alls posts...

mphoebe said...

am still incredibly in love with you........i missssss you intensely....pliz come back to me

mphoebe said...

am still incredibly in love with you........i missssss you intensely....pliz come back to me

Anonymous said...

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