my hate speech

For the whole month I am going to meet people who will wish me a happy new year. There is 2 things wrong with that.
1.that last year the same people wished me a ‘happy new year’ but look how it turned out. What makes them think this one is going to be any better?
2. There is nothing new about this year. It is the 4th for crying out loud. When will the year’s newness end? So the whole month when am smiling, nodding and answering “same to you” to new years wishes, all I really want to do is kick the bearers

Melanie the radio presenter still did not get fired this month. Sadly she is still as dumb this year. About the current fuel crisis, this is what she said, “the price of diesel is high as opposed to the price of fuel which is low”. Another year to remind me that my radio station could not care less about my well-being.

It is the month for making resolutions you know you will not even attempt to fulfill. And what is wrong with people? Always asking what my resolutions are? They are mine okay. Also, it is the month I have to remember that I did not achieve any of the resolutions I set out to achieve last year. Not even the one about making my bed at least once a week.

that i have become the grass. kibaki and raila fight, and i have to fork out some extra cash for taxi fare.

i hate

8 loungers burdening me:

Tandra said...

lol..okay the hate speech wasnt as bad as i thot it would be..

think ur fav. hate person is melanie. i dont really listen to dj's realised long ago it was so not worth it.

resolutions? who needs'em!!

aegeus said...

this melanie is entertaining...hehehe...oh, happy newish year then...and seems you do not like accounting to yourself and your actions eh?

this comment thing is making me jump hurdles!!

Anonymous said...

is there a way a DJ can be on air and actually they run through their time without saying a word??? Just asking..

Or rather Melanie can still say somthing like "up next is the news in English" or "we return after this break" and Fat boy does the rest of talking.

I think 2008 will then be a new yr if that is what's the likelyhood of that happening..

eddsla said...

i liked the way fatboy kept laughing at her en she couldn't get it,...

happy newyear!

antipop said...

@annonymous, now thats an idea. tink we shd go sell it to sudhir?

@eddsla, u r pushin the happy new year envelop my friend

@aegeus, there's too many people i hav to account to wit out me havin to account to myself as well. a sista nids a break sometimes

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

You are bubbly! and I like bubbly!
Thanks for dropping in!

S.A.G.E said...

Yo, anti pope, that sounds annonymous to me. Wadup? why dont you hit me. Howis kaNUNGU???

candybox said...

What is it with djs. They are slowly becoming the bane of my life.

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