i am on a roll

When I was in my first year at university, I got so many guys wanting to go out with me, so I complained to my brother one afternoon and he warned me thus; “hey D, you best use this opportunity as much as you can, because when you are in 3rd year, you will be begging boys to even say hi to you. ” of course I laughed in his face, reminded him that our ancestors were of a rare breed and hence I would still look attractive 3 years later.

Boy was I wrong! By the end of 3rd year, I was friends with the male toilet cleaners, the rolex (not watches) guy from across my hostel, the hostel van driver, and the bodaboda guys. My hay days were over.

Two years out of school and my luck is returning. There is a host of boys asking me out again. I am not running to my brother for advice, am afraid the old cynic will hint that since I am almost graying, I should jump at the first opportunity to get knocked up by one of them and settle for nothing less than a ring on my finger.

So here I am. Torn between one loser from the other, yet afraid to be without any loser friends. And I am asking you, how do I drop all the losers and be happy just being old and tired?

3 loungers burdening me:

Tandra said...

lol.. i hear ur luck has changed..lol.. didnt have the friendly brother to tell me that but i kinda figured that by 1st yr, if my luck wasnt runnin..it never wld on campus..:D

Ur lucks changing? maybe i shd hang with u!

err...dont know if u can drop all the losers and be happy just being old n tired...where'd al the drama come from then???

candybox said...

While you're bothering with the losers the right one might pass you by.

Patience my dear girl, patience

Anonymous said...

are sure they are loosers...could be one of them is for you, only you dont see it!

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