Update on my losers

Loser #1
Date: Monday night
Venue: national theatre
Hanging out with: some very dark girl and a very short loser
Status: curfew got me, so have to go back home with loser
Ps; have done this twice before
Get to his home with only one thing on my mind- rest my alcohol-ridden ass. But loser #1 has other things on his mind. I gently turn him down, push to the furthest corner of his bed and snore. Gets the hint, backs off. Wake up next morning with a very strange, warm object* poking my back, turns out, loser’s flashing his object my way.

He likes to do this a lot. He must really be proud of his object, coz he is always flushing it in my face, walking around naked, arms akimbo, as if to say, “and all this, could be yours”. I find this very strange, but I don’t blame him, it is the only tall thing he has to show for himself. I just wish he would put that obnoxious thing away and let me sleep. He won’t. So I get up, take a bath and go home.

object-anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.

7 loungers burdening me:

Savage said...

shouldn't have gone to his bed if yoy didn't wanna get poked.

Anonymous said...

@savage, wat century r u from my man?

Kobayashi said...

That's playing dangerous.... the guy could have done a Jeff Koniage on you....

Shamza said...

Was reading 'the object' and thinking, Cant be THAT object. But shoot!!! That was gross

candybox said...


candybox said...

ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Out

antipop said...

@savage and @kobayashi- i learnt my lesson
@shamza- my sentiments exactly
@ candybox- i hav bin seriously thinkin of blogging about this new coinage of abbreviation. i thought it was a fad but it seems to get worse. it is no longer three letter words but whole paragraphs!WTF

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