When he asks to borrow money

Now love makes people do some pretty stupid stuff. One of them is to lend your loser boyfriend money. When a guy comes to you and says, “Hey can I borrow some 10k?” I don’t care how hot, cute or romantic he is, just run. Well, this one time, I did not run.

I had just begun seeing this guy who everyone seemed to think was a loser when one afternoon I was coming back from lectures rattling some coins in my hand. He meets me at the hostel gate all sweet and milky, offers to carry my books to my room and right at the door, says bye and as a by-the-way, asks me to give him the coins as he had no change.

I stupidly obliged and that is the day I got trapped into his web of paying for his meals, clearing his debts- some hefty-, buying him and his friends drinks, supporting his smoking vice and lending him larger sums of money. Even when he raided my piggy bank (yes I still have a piggy bank) several times I still did not run.

I talk about this because some guy I met recently asked me to buy fuel for his car. I ran from the loser. Well, after buying the fuel. But I ran. Can I hear an amen?

14 loungers burdening me:

Tandra said...


Cheri Bear said...


Lucky me, my boyfriends don't borrow money from me. But shd he ran when I borrow money from him???

Atte for them they are too kiyooot, when u borrow money from then, and it gets to payback time...they give u the old.."it's ok hun. Keep it." And me I keep it on spot.

Yeah, sometimes I have no pride!

Savage said...

How is it that you are always getting with losers?

Are you a loser magnet?

gayuganda said...

Oh gosh,

hilarious post.

Losers, winners, we all are, but some, like in the book ((Animal Farm), are more equal than the others.

For the losers, why not look them in the eye and say,'Thought I was the lady here?'; that is, when they are holding out the begging bowl.


Anonymous said...

amen sista...i did that once,,never again, and he learnt not to mess with me on that dough issue...

Anonymous said...

amen! at least at the very least dude should carry his own weight!

ish said...

this is too funny! i cant promise to run, i might stick around jst to get a few laughs in!

Afrobabe said...

Amen sis, unfortunately a lot of us learnt the had way...I don't mean change!!!

anonymous gal said...

Amen o lol u sha still bought the fuel.

candybox said...

Aaamen!! Mine was cunny, he'd borrow then pay back on schedule. Then started asking me to cater for his bills on a night out, which i did. He's histoy now. Aaamen!!!!

originalgarden said...

Ya that’s emancipation in its totality. It not just about inheriting the guy’s wealth when he dies or having the lion’s share of the property when you finally agree that it’s not only death that can keep both of you apart.
Emancipation involves –though not only- sharing or at times footing the entire bill just like guys usually do.
So you should throw away this concept and maintain your favour position. Did I hear a sister say Amen.

gayuganda said...


nice take on it, OriginalGarden.

Guess only a bloke would have said that, huh?


Phoebe said...

yeah, whatever. There is a word, a two letter word---NO.
so no am not saying amen, and no, you dont have to run when he borrows money from you because you can always say NO

Duksey said...

Gal, i can't believe how late i got to this post coz this is the conversation i have been having with ma gals the whole month.
There is this guy i thought was really hot, one day borrowed 20k thou paid back,another time asked for 400k gladly i was too broke then the last time20k again i gave 10 k,he hasnt paid yet.
Am lending him the money alright but is he still hot? HELL NO. he is a loser daahhh how disappointing

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