If you are waiting for this tea…

There were times in years past when I read at least two books in one week. Those were the days when I showered once (very hastily) a day, binged on coffee, bread and bisquits, hardly brushed my teeth, my hair and earned zero money. But I was happy. That era faded to Lord knows where. I still like to read; only I never get around to finishing an entire book in one year.

I get bored easily, so I find I am beginning new books before I have even turned to page 2 of the one I bought (read borrowed) last. Which is why I am currently in the middle of reading 5 books, some that I don’t even remember the title. But this post is about tea. I found this from one of the books I am reading

“…Jim’s tea making routine was a triumph of day dreaming inefficiency.
First he would take the mugs from the cupboard and arrange them on a
tray. Then he would stop near the sink and look a little lost for a while as
tried to remember what it was that he had been meaning to do. Then it would
come back to him: get the milk out of the fridge. After the milk had been
poured into each cup, he would get the tea bags and put them into the teapot.
And then, when he had done all that, when he had got everything ready and
realized he’d got out one mug too many and so put it back in the cupboard,
and then put the sugar bowl on the tray and decided that there was nothing
else he had to do, then he would put the kettle on.”

Stole from “the best a man can get”- John O’farrell

4 loungers burdening me:

Tandra said...

seems u read as if deep reflective books..wat happened to "how to snag a rich sucker?""

candybox said...

Im so getting this book, looks interesting. Though im not burdened by age yet, i can be quite forgetful

originalgarden said...

Have always considered myself as one of the worst cooks ever, since the day I burnt my eggs while boiling them nt frying by the way.
but with such a guy still among the living, i consider myself a cooking-maestro.
I should set up a restaurant one of these days at least such guys will dine there without any compaints about the chef (me).

anonymous gal said...

lol.o my

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