the other loser

Now this one I have some fondness for. It is for that reason that I do the let him go, take him back, let him go, take him back again sequence. The same reason I took him back mid last year. That and the fact that we go for cheap pizza together, especially on the Tuesday special, where you buy one and get 1 free.

So despite all his promises to change, and be like “all the other boys,” he has still failed the ultimate test. He has never told me “I love you.” Now if you are a girl, you will understand just how important these words are. In fact, it should be considered patriotic duty for guys to say those words and mean them.

So loser here, thinks that he’s selling himself short, and he will not be like the other guys. So he comes to my place, stays forever, calls me, comes to see me at work, and from that, he expects for me to pick the words. Once I complained that he was not treating me right. To which he replied,

“D, one day, I will come to your place, you will open the door, I will hug you and in one hand I will be carrying a box of chocolates, a card and from the other I will bring out flowers. And then I will go and shoot myself.”

7 loungers burdening me:

joshi said...

Jeez..chocolates and flowers...cliche!! Just think about it, if every female swooned at the prospect of getting flowers and chocolate...even the Dalai wud get laid!!

CresceNet said...

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candybox said...

Dont know why but half way through i started laughing. Maybe its bacause it sounds so familiar to my life.

He called it quits first time, then years later asked me back then i did the deed the last time cos nothing had changed. So now we're off but he's been asking for another chance.

So tempted to go back. Cos nobody gets me like he does especially with the monday club at my local pub when the booze is on offer. lol

Jaybabe said...

Bwahahahahahaha...i dont think you shud refer to him as loser...coz i think you two are gonna end up at the altar. People who break up and make up a 101 times, always end upmarried. Believe you me.

Thanx for stopping by. And for the best wishes. Will keep you posted...**wink**

ish said...

i love the way you write. i shall be a regular.

tres jolie said...

your posts are just too hilarious...step your game from losers though....waste of time, them!

chanel said...

You should go to the Taj mahal for your wedding.

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