ranting raving bitching and hating on country boy or is it boi?

Thomas Smyth- a bored visiting American tourist
Dennis D Muhumuza- a 20 something bitter Christian mad that everyone does not think like he does
Blog- an Internet diary of sorts or there abouts
Bloggers- Underrated, awesome, intelligent people who cannot be bothered to indulge in cheap political debates and have given up all hope of world peace
Antipop- blogger

In the interest of attributing and coming off as authentic, here is me citing that
Carlo started this whole explosion. Here is my own tantrum. Since the article is absurdly long, I will pick out a few sentences and comment on them. Then like all good essays are, I will have a conclusion. related posts can be found here dee, tandra, and baz,

“A debate had raged between two bloggers and a visiting American. Are all Ugandan bloggers okay with taking their meetings to a bar?” why no! Only the other day I suggested that we go to a discothèque. Only problem was that club Silk would not be open at 6:30pm

With Michael Jackson’s Thriller playing in the background, Thomas Smyth literally shouted his order, for that was the only way the waitress was going to hear.That's about when the two adults pursued themselves around tables 1. Don’t you just love MJ? Belting out tunes like that to spook idle BHH flukers? 2. Have you considered that maybe the poor waitress could not understand the American’s fabulous accent? Couldn’t he just point at the menu? And
B2B, it was fun playing rounders with you

It was the beginning of a shocking evening for the American. You shock easily!

Soon, girls were eying him surreptitiously and whispering (possibly about his towering height) and taking pictures with their phones.- CB please! Slow your role. Have you seen the height on some of the guys that grace BHH?

Thomas Smyth gulped his drink and left the Happy Hour prematurely- why? Was he there to take the minutes? Or did he expect to give the closing prayer?

A woman would for example upload a picture of her g-string on her blog and ask if the readers like it. - Prove that g-string belongs to said woman. Show where it says she asks people whether “they like it”. I need to meet your editor.

A June 30 blog entry boldly titled “Boobs!”- Go
Carlo. Go Carlo. Go Carlo(i am tired of linking).

From S.A.G.E’s understanding, bloggers are supposed to update their lives and voice their opinions on things they strongly feel about to provoke intellectually stimulating debate. - S.A.G.E is not God! He did not invent blogging. He did not coin the concept of personal diary (it was Anne Frank btw). Also, show me one stimulating post at S.A.G.E’s.

so girls talk about the first time they lost their virginity in the shower room, and boys about how sweet sex in the morgue is- Gimme links to these blogs this instant! I have been missing out!

“We don’t seem to have a lot of reported blogs in Uganda, which is very disappointing. In America, bloggers investigate…- America this, America that, America the other! Can’t we just be our own people?

“The culture (of blogging) puffs out like a hot air balloon; directionless and pointless.”- hot air balloons have compasses Einstein!

It’s only after we have revolutionized the way we think and blog that people like Thomas Smyth will not leave the Happy Hour with inhibitions. Poor, poor Thomas. Did your mother never tell you that story of peeping tom? No? It goes thus; if you are not invited to BHH, keep your damn comments to yourself. Nobody asked. But, if you felt that the conversation was not stimulating enough for you, how come I did not hear you bring up any intellectual topic and see how we refuse to respond because we are not brilliant enough?

The end

P.S Been trying to post pictures of the american in vain. Will put them up soon as i can

28 loungers burdening me:

31337 said...


Even Steven said...

and it gets better. where are you, oh SAGE, when you are needed?

Carlo said...

Man, I'ma start collecting royalties for all these links. Also, you tell 'im good! You guys are even ranting better than me. But I'm still stuck on the 'have you seen the height on some of the guys that grace BHH?' Amen sister! Dante beats them all right?

Anonymous said...

The editor must have been on leave. Cos this was so bad.

And he thinks SAGE's dumb ass is cleverer. This is so bad.

Basics said...

Royalties/ controversy/ drama

Just what i like...
Perfect for reading...

Yep, even you AntiPop

And no doubt it was a dope thing playing tag witchu!

Princess said...

Is this mzungu the guy who stuck out like a sore thumb at the last BHH I was at?
The one with the gaping expression?
*He's an authority?!

31337 said...

sock it to them!

theni, i have you on my blog for this year's blog day.

tumwijuke said...

At this point we need proof that poor old Thomas Smyth was actually thinking what CB claims he was thinking. He does not have a single quotation from said alarmed American; why? They are supposed to be tight, no? He couldn't hazard a "dude this is wack" for purposes of the article.

I think Mr. Smyth is to be pitied because clearly he is being used as a front for CB's shortcomings.

Does SAGE still blog? The last I read of his blog, it was a loooooooooooooong sermon he had given somewhere in outside countries where the rest of us heathens cannot go. It went on forever, I wondered why no one had skilled the preacherman in basic homeletics and Bible exposition.

Oh well.

Tandra said...

go antipop... go antipop.. go!! go!!

31337 said...

mo fwire!

not helping with the intellectualism am i?

Cheri said...

Akshully it is Countryboyi. BOYI!!

Bambi, I think that last bit on Thomas was in some sour taste. Especially since he excluded himself from so much that Dennis said. Clearly Dennis seasoned his story a great deal. But then again, it's your blog Antipop...

This fight isn't clearly going down, At least not tonight.

antipop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
antipop said...

@cheri; this post came up long before Tom posted at carlo's. And even then, he does not deny any of dennis's allegations about what he allegedly said.

Did you hear that? He took a "picture of the steno pad being circulated, with all the blog addresses written on it, as a souvenir of the experience."

How very kind of him. How patronising!

Infact, his response does dound a lot like a UN piece.

So there you go Tom. Unless you say Dennis misquoted you, there is no other way of looking at this situation. Atleast not for me.

antipop said...


tumwijuke said...

Antipop, read the article again. CB never 'quoted' Smyth. He made assumptions about what he thought. To say it in other terms, 'he put words in his mouth'.

Maybe CB and his editor have forgotten basic rules of attribution and punctuation. If a direct comment is made, it must be clearly marked with double inverted commas and stated in a manner as to remove doubt of whom the said quotation is derived.

I think CB made it all up. I thought so the first time I read it and I haven't changed my mind. You work in Uganda's media and you know that misquoting sources and making up comments is, unfortunately, the order of the day.

antipop said...


antipop said...

@tumwi, Much as i would like to brand Dennis all sorts of things, I doubt that even he forged everything in that article. He may not have quoted Thomas verbatim but obviously he did say something in the neighborhood of Dennis's harangue. i fail to believe that Dennis is that creative.

petesmama said...

Misparaphrasing... lol!

This was excellent, antipop.

Igis said...

Very hilarious antipop. You find the humour in every situation. Nice

Sybella said...

oooh, so good antipop...

what saddens me the most is that his name is muhumuza... that is my son's name too! :-(

Chanel said...

gal you rock and hahahahahahaha. For a dude that doesnt use his print space to debate the economy, world politics, Kony and stock exchange, i wonder what that makes of him. And this Thomas butt must be addictive the way he kissed it from start to stop. I mean an article inspired by some white boy who looked 22. I have been away and wehn i get back I will rant with you good people.

Phoebe said...

And i always come when the storm has calmed... or has it?!

I read the article, and me thinks Dennis is not getting any.
Some one, please, give the boyi a hug

Phoebe said...

and about stimulating, intelligent, world changing blog posts; what? has he been on blogger? G.strings, boobs, and virginity loss is NOT stimulating?!

Doesnt make a difference in the world?!


which world is that?

Imagine how very different the world would have been if say,
Mary the Virgin had been reported to (have) worn G.strings

Or if Fidel Castro told about the first night he lost his.

Or if the Queen of England showed her cleavage...


Please come out and do tell denis...coz that box is getting a little too tight and dark, even for the most blind

rock said...

I do not belong in this group! I am quite stimulating thank you very much!

A Boi said...


Boi is a term used by lesbians. So unless you really mean to insult whatever-his-name-is I think it would be boy.

Boi is a lesbian whose fashion sense runs along the hip hop lines and tends to be masculine in their self expression. They're usually black and hispanic, although from time to time you find some butch wannabes.

Just so you know! :D

Chanel said...

Phebs I am with you. This dude is frastrated he needs to get laid

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be spammish, but it relevant. O bloggers, I just spoke to The Monitor and have been told that they are eager to recieve all your comments. Send them to people&places@monitor.co.ug Please do send them.

Esquire of the mountain said...

This is one of those seemingly angry rants that is brilliant. I love this post. Very expository too.

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